YouTube Assignment


Assignment 1 Youtube and art video

I feel that this video is an exceptional work of art because of the unique manner in which it was shot and edited. The video makes a clear reference to the roots of house music in places like Chicago in the 1970s even though this video was made just last year. I think this style is one that has not been seen in while and I find it very aesthetically pleasing. The song is also amazing.



Astor’s Assignment #1

My personal Vimeo page.

My link to a creative Video. Opening sequence to the film Melancholia.

This opening sequence is very Avant-garde /Art Cinema. I find it extremely stunning to watch. I am all about visuals. It is obvious that special effects played a major role in creating this sequence. The compositing is spectacular as well. I think what blows me away is how real it feels despite that the established world was created through effects.

3/31 Assignment

 This music video is a great use of mixed media while also being primarily animated. It combines life action video with 2-Dimensional characters with 3-Dimensional backgrounds. I appreciate the exaggerated nature of the entire piece. The exaggeration of the character designs, the motion of the characters, the fantastical nature of the backgrounds, the high contrasts in light and color, and the vibrancy of the colors in the light, flows along with the song that also goes from extremes of melancholic and relaxed in melody to hyper and fast.

Youtube Channel and Video

Youtube Channel:

Video: Star Wars Uncut

I am impressed and enamored by the ambition of this work and the dedication it took into recreating an entire film scene by scene. This work is the combination of hundreds of short clips each individually crafted by an amateur and combined to produce a cohesive “shot for shot” remake of Star Wars: A New Hope. The clips are very diverse, ranging from stop motion, claymation, live action, animation, and so on. The amateur quality of this work is what gives it its charm, making it quite evident that this Star Wars remake was a fun collaboration between hundreds of Star Wars fans. This work represents a remarkable shift in digital media of the internet age from the passive consumer to the active consumer who interacts directly with the original work, remixing and transforming it into something new.