Bryam Aguilar Blog Post 1

I found these readings to be very interesting as they really opened my mind and made me think critically about the manner in which we learn and the ways that we process the information that we see in our everyday lives. What I mean by this in relation to glitch art is that when something does not unfold as we are accustomed to, we start to both perceive it in a different manner and question why this is so. I particularly found Menkman’s manifesto to be very interesting because it made me question glitches that I have experienced or seen both in society and technology and the manner in which I have reacted to these situations. I thought about how something can be completely transformed when it is glitched and through this process we see the emergence of a completely new and different meaning. I thought about indie video games that can be found online for PC and how many of them are cheap rip offs of two bit games like Mario. These games play the same as the classic Nintendo games that we are used to but they have in some way been glitched and they provide a different experience that seems familiar but at the  same time, we are that it is something completely different. I found Nunez article to very interesting in the discussion of how we perceive things as well. In particular the manner in which he discusses error and how it goes against what we expect will happen. I also found the Zizek article to be interesting, as it made me challenge the manner in which we learn in universities and the fact that these institutions might want to change the manner in which we learn. Overall I found his desire to push for a broad sense of knowledge to be very interesting seeing as though I too feel that people should not be taught to get a job but rather to provide some larger contribution to the industries and careers that they plan to work in. Everyone has their calling and their own talent that they can contribute to the greater good but it is very sad to me that many times the power of capitalism holds us back from our true desires and ambitions in life.


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