Zizek Subversive Use of Theory

This two page interview starts off with Zizek blatantly plowing his way through what he argues is wrong with capitalist values over the educational field. He begins by attacking institutions for their ignoring of “true” thinking. He explains that we need to ask questions on a fundamental level. So instead of asking how do we solve this problem one would need to seriously re-evaluate if that “problem” is a real problem, why is it a problem, who deemed it a problem. He argues that thinking is much more than to call upon the research and opinions of authorities in various fields. “It is about asking fundamental questions. And that is disapearing,” Zizek states saying that instead educational institutions are just training people to become experts.


He explains instead of training people to solve problems as experts of specific fields in this flawed educational system we have to think more deeply in an attempt at making people see more. “We need, more than ever, those who, in a general way of thinking, see the problems from a global perspective and even from a philosophical perspective” (54).


Zizek’s concluding argument is one that is vitally needed in a society that we have right now with potentially detrimental and immensely dangerous technological “achievements”, the atomic bomb being one of them. We can’t have the two polars, Zizek’s proposed educational strategy and the narrow expert strategy we have today. “building a bridge” between the two can help us understand and raise alternative ideas to serious issues that humanity and even ecology faces today.


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