Reading Response 1

Rosa Menka, “Glitch Studies Manifesto”

Menka explains in her manifesto that glitch theory has everything to do with opposing the norm and creating new and different ideas. Each step builds to the ultimate goal of forming new mediums, networks, and forms of information. These differences can take the shape of both visual and audible glitches through noise artifacts. The idea of the remix can be applied to this theory, where Menka calls for a new perspective on everything that has already been established.

Slavoj Zizek, “The Subversive Use of Theory”

Zizek is critically analyzing the issues surrounding the current university system and its role in taking away the power of “thinking” away from its students. A man openly opposed to the European school system, and I would assume the American school system as well, fears the world’s transformation into just majority of workers looking for a career and the minority of capable moral thinkers (his side). Zizek argues that in a world of constant confusion that people need to be able to think critically, and radically, about issues in order to get to its roots.

Mark Nunes, “Error, Noise, and Potential: The Outside of Purpose”

Nunes defines error as the individual’s glimpse at how a network operates and where the system fails. Basically, in Nunes very complex and roundabout way, error helps to highlight our need for the utmost and overarching control. An error, through noise, within a system or network, exposes the weakness in that structure and demonstrates the lack of control. Take Star Wars “A New Hope” for example, in the original film, the Empire is the epitome of “control,” where the dark side seeks to control the rest of the galaxy. Under the reign of Darth Vader, who lusts for power and greatness, the Empire created a battle station (The Death Star) that was designed to help assert dominance over the rest of the galaxy. However, the “error” in the weaponized battle station was the thermal exhaust port which triggered a chain reaction that ultimately destroys the Death Star. This error caused the Empire to rebuild the battle station without this flaw, in order to assure their control over the galaxy.


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