I found the readings to be very interesting. I don’t know anything about glitch or glitch theory so I found this reading to be very informational and defiantly gave me an idea of what we will be doing. In The reading “Glitch studies Manifesto” Rosa Menka talks about Glitching and the idea that it is going against the grain. creating a new medium of artwork that has much exploring to be done. She talks about the many different ways in which glitching can take place. I thought her ideas were very proactive and I look forward to looking at more of her artwork.

In the reading “The Subversive Use of Theory” Slajov ZIzek talks about his annoyance with the “Bologna reform of higher education” That now days we are not being educated in the right way. The education system is not teaching people how to think instead it is teaching them how to solve problems but not truly question life and think about what it means to live. I really liked this article and thought that he was spot on with whats going on in the education system these days.

In the article “Error and Noise and Potential: The outside of purpose” nunes talks about error as the individuals glimpse at how a network operates and where the system fails. He talks about error taking about some form of control. Errors exposes weakness or a failure in the system which in return can lead to regaining control. This made me think of Anonymous and how they are constantly hacking different big corporations and exposing there lies. I thought all these articles were very interesting!!


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