Blog Post # 3: Glitch Music

Peter Krapp’s article “Noise Floor: Between Tinnitus and Raw Data” begins his discussion of glitch music by elaborating on the notion that it is more than accidental music conjunctions and more of a methodical, and precise arrangement of sounds and noises adjusted to produce a creative sound. The use of unorthodox sounds, and algorithmic rhythms seems to characterize a core basis of glitch music. (I may or may not have understood this right) Krapp goes on and mentions artist’s such as Carsten Nicolai, alias, Alva Noto, who utilizes soundbite’s of electromagnetic interference, ground loops, dither noise, aliasing, and vinyl noise to create his music.


I listened to both the artists “Pole” and “Alva Noto” that Krapp mentioned, in order to further understand what sounds like “electronic clicks”, and “ground loops” actually meant. I must say that it is a type of music that does seem more experimental and abstract. Most of the music that I heard from Alva Noto was not that bad, I actually enjoyed it; I perceived it as resembling a sort of ambient noise, somewhat surreal, soothing, yet eerie at times. I saw that the syllabus mentioned that we would be talking about “The Glitch Mob” an artist that I actually am familiar with and that I do enjoy, but I never viewed or thought about their music as being glitched, I simply viewed it as a branch of dubstep. I definitely see the type of music that The Glitch Mob produces as a more commercialized, and leaning toward the sound of dubstep. This leads me to question if dubstep is considered to be a glitched oriented genre, which I guess would explain the mechanical, robotic sounds that it contains.

I remember a time when dubstep and similar “glitch music” was pretty popular, but as of recently I have not heard of that particular genre of music, I wonder if it was a fade that is now fading away?



One thought on “Blog Post # 3: Glitch Music

  1. I like that you draw the similarities between glitch music and dubstep. I think dubstep is draws heavily on glitch music and the fracturing of already made sounds and noises. I think dubstep has shifted toward pop/dubstep due to the growth of electronic music,but remix music has become a huge genre in todays market


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