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I found Peter Krapp’s article on noise to be very interesting for several reasons. To begin with, I found it very interesting to think about the distinctions that there might be between music and sound. One point that stood out to me the most discussed sound noise as a signal that the author does not want to be transmitted. Taking this point into account left me to question whether or not noise could in fact be subjective. I question this because I feel that everyone has their own opinion of what music might be. For example what one person might consider to be music, another person might consider to be noise.

While reading these point the genre that constantly came to mind was Electronic Dance Music or EDM. EDM currently happens to be my favorite genre of music but over time I have come across several peers who feel that the genre is composed of mere noise. Some people argue that music requires lyrics and melody that is consistent with pleasant sounds that we have heard before but I feel otherwise.2a1564e180d5bc1522099f5899bdb5a9

The reason for my belief lies in the hands of two of my favorite EDM producers, Skrillex and Deorro. Skrillex stands out to me the most because he the artist that made Dubstep (a bass heavy genre) in EDM very popular. Skrillex found a way to sample sounds from famous Youtube videos and take fragments of words to create music. Although many people go against Dubstep, its recognition as form of music cannot be denied in this day and age. Skrillex is one of the most famous DJ producers in the world and constantly fills up stadiums around the world with his unique sound.

Deorro is another Dj producer that stand out because of the manner in which he creates melodies. In several interviews Deorro shows his music production process where he is able to take one sound and produce and whole song with it. He shows that computers are instruments and even though some might consider his “bounce” drops to be another example of noise, he like Skrillex shows how thDeorro Black and Whiteese sounds are subjective and actually do have a large appeal with the general audience.

This being said sound can be manipulated in many ways that will have different responses from different people. This means that sounds itself is subjective and can resonate differently with everyone.


4 thoughts on “Blog Post 3

  1. Your thought process on the possibility of noise being subjective is very thought-provoking. If the transmitter of the sound did not intend to make the sound but the other listeners do not know that the sound was unintended, is it still noise?? I too have heard many people hate on electronic music, often saying something ignorant like “a bunch of ‘beep boop beeps’ isn’t music.” I think every genre is valid and different, and even if someone doesn’t consider it to be musical, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some sort of musical composition or intention behind it. People could say that super heavy metal just sounds like a cacophony of noise, but often still consider it music because it is played by instruments. Why do people give more validity to physical instruments than electronic instruments and sounds? Either medium can produce both melodious music and less pleasant sounds.


  2. Interesting how EDM came to your mind cause similarly to you, not necessarily EDM, but electronic or digital music came to mind. I agree with you, music DEFINITELY does not need lyrics or a melody to be considered music. I never knew about Skrillex sampling sounds from other works but that relates to our discussion and reading on glitching sound.


  3. First off, YASSS DEORRO! Secondly, I really like how you related the EDM genre to the article because to me, electronic music is particular kind that requires a musician to literally start from scratch with the upmost essential sounds. To create an entire song out of this is really incredible but to credit what is “good” is certainly to each their own.


  4. I totally agree with your point! The article discussed how older generations are turned off by the music of this generation such as dub-step, etc. People not in this generation don’t consider it to be music but the people in this generation do. So is there really a dictionary definition of what is considered music or not? Can we actually put things into categories. I personally, don’t think so. I think whatever you think is music is music, no matter what anyone else thinks. This also makes me question is glitch subjective?


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