G͊͑͆̍͂ͮl̋̾̇̿ͫ͒̆i̎ͫ̈́ͨ̃͑t͐ͥ͡cͦͤͣhͧ̆͛͟ ͛̑͒҉F̡ͫ͋̆̃e̅͗ͤ̉̊ͤ͒͠mͩ͆i̶nͧ̎̇̅ͫ͡í̈́̚͜s̈́͂ͥ̾̾ͤmͧ̽͏

Digital Dualism And The Glitch Feminism Manifesto

It is interesting to consider how digital technology is becoming a huge part of human sexuality. Is Russell saying that orgasms are like glitches of the body?

Glitches remind us of the artificial nature of the digital world. They encourage us to return to the physical world.

We are so used to instant gratification in the digital realm. Glitches hinder this and force us to wait, often leading to frustration and restlessness. Maybe there is a lesson in patience to be learned from glitch. It is interesting to observe how the universe seems to fold in on some people when their Internet stops working for thirty seconds.

Is Russell speaking literally and saying that we should use glitches in our technology as opportunities to get down? I’m not quite sure how to interpret what she is saying. Maybe she means that our reactions to glitches, like losing your shit when the rainbow-wheel-of-death appears over Photoshop, can reveal deep insights about our selves, like realizing we’re impatient, impulsive monkeys.

“two selves, operating in isolation from one another, rather than one continuous self, two sides of a vivacious equation looped together in a continual narrative of daily living and human existence” (Russell)


Woah dude…

So the glitch is the equivalent of foreplay when watching porn…

Glitch Feminism turns the idea of a glitch on its head. Since our current social system is already severely messed up, ideas that challenge it should not immediately be considered wrong. I think she proposes this as some sort of revolutionary thought when it’s a pretty obvious idea. Although I agree with the values of Glitch Feminism, she may be romanticizing it a little bit. Maybe not though. I’m not sure.





2 thoughts on “G͊͑͆̍͂ͮl̋̾̇̿ͫ͒̆i̎ͫ̈́ͨ̃͑t͐ͥ͡cͦͤͣhͧ̆͛͟ ͛̑͒҉F̡ͫ͋̆̃e̅͗ͤ̉̊ͤ͒͠mͩ͆i̶nͧ̎̇̅ͫ͡í̈́̚͜s̈́͂ͥ̾̾ͤmͧ̽͏

  1. It’s almost regressive to me the way in which the more we become advanced in technology, the more frustrated, angry, and impulsive we become. Even though we have access to fast networks and computers, having to wait like a minute for netflix to load is TORTURE! And that’s sad. 😦


  2. I agree with you that she may be romanticizing the whole thing. I also found it a bit difficult to decipher what was her main point with Glitch Feminism, i more or less took a guess and am not quite sure myself if its right. Also, the aliens dude was me while reading the article.


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