Queer Glitch

This weeks reading was very interesting in the way that glitch was applied with a queer context. Specifically, in the article “Digital Dualism And The Glitch Feminism Manifesto, the comparison of glitch to an orgasm caught my attention.

Orgasms are associated with pleasure. Viewed as somewhat of a rarity, orgasms are described as euphoric, sensational and are associated with other positive adjectives.  By holding glitch to this standard, in my opinion, glitch is viewed as something that is extremely powerful. In associating glitch with feminism, glitch is also viewed in a powerful and positive light.

The discussion of glitch and feminism reminded me of when we talked about glitch and culture jamming. Technology and media in today’s day and age has the ability to connect with multiple people from all over the world. Today’s audience is much bigger than it has been in the past, hence the term mass media. The ability to reach such a widespread audience gives media the hegemony it has over society-to change and alter society’s thinking and, to some extent, way of life. When we talk about glitch being viewed in the same light as an orgasm, we see the power that glitch art has to make statements and critique the world and the instant sharing of glitches across the world means that glitch has the power to produce change.

My question is is it the glitch itself that is powerful or the mastermind behind the glitch? Similar to orgasms is it just good sex or is it because of the connection and the person you are intimate with? Personally, in terms of glitch I think the power derives from both the glitch itself and the mind behind it. The ability to create a glitch that speaks to people and causes people to realize and want change in the world is a powerful feature. In order for glitch to produce the change in the world that it can, humans and technology will have to join together to create a powerful, orgasmic force that will shock and shake the world (in a good way 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Queer Glitch

  1. I do agree that both the glitch and the mind behind it are a force to be reckoned with, especially by comparing a glitch to an orgasm makes total sense in one of the earlier readings, the one with the art of the machine. A glitch is something that is lead by the person, but the specifics of the outcome is totally out of the person’s control. This is what gives glitch its power and creativity; its ability on its own, uninhibited by the hands of the artist, to produce an unpredictable sensation and experience.


  2. I totally agree with your statement on the power of Glitch. As I have noticed in the past weeks, Glitch is one of those things that stands and out and makes us notice things that we might not otherwise. Taking this into account I feel that we can in fact make change through glitch, but as you said, both humans and technology have to join together. To me it seems like glitch will play a particular role in changing the out dated political system that we have in the US at the moment.


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