In the Reading Noise Floor: Between Tinnitus and Raw Data the author Peter Kapps talks about sound glitch by separating the differences between noise and signal and sound and sound art. He talks about the history of sound evolution and how digital technology has evolved in this process also.

Kapps says that the difference between noise and signal comes down to the intention in which the sound is made. Noise main purpose is to omit all other sounds; it is a sound that is not deliberately made. Signals on the other hand are sounds that have been meaning and are made for a purpose.

Kapps starts out asking the question if sound can be compressed enough will the files eventually not be sounds? To be honest I have never really taken a lot of time to think of sound in this manner. This is actually the first time I have thought about ideas like this. Kapps highlights the importance of intention and how that comes into play with sound.

In the article the author explores how the new digital age has transformed music in many different ways. He says Music is not “electronic” It merely reproduces known sounds” I would have to agree with what he is saying while technology can mear the sounds of instruments very closely it is not the same sound produced by an instrument. However, with the rise of technology sounds are being created that have never been heard through glitching and altering other sounds. The machine has the ability to combine different sounds and instruments to produce one amazing sound that can be completely unique. Machines are much more technological then instruments and can create sounds that are out of this world. So both machines and instruments serve their purpose in making sounds





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