Queer Glitch


These last two articles are much more up my alley of understanding. I understand discussions of sociological questions far more than sound design or glitch art. The questions raised when bringing the concept of glitch to ways of life, and sexual orientation are interesting ones. These articles bring up good points on why and how we must be careful with how we identify glitch when referring to it in a cultural context. Is glitch the error of a natural system? What does that mean when applying it to people? Should that be how error is seen?

I don’t know that much about LGBTQA communities, but I do have a very personal relationship to these issues. A few members of my family are gay and to see how parts of society look at them and treat them is disgusting and heartbreaking. The first article I read, Digital Dualism And The Glitch Feminism Manifesto, brings up the very important question of where does “glitch” fall in these communities. Legacy Russell brings up the idea that glitch does not exist in either hetero-normative, or LGBTQA trains of thought. The “glitch” is a concept that exists outside the systems that we create for ourselves. If one considers ones sexual orientation as a “glitch” in the hetero-normative system, it is not something that must be fixed or pinpointed, instead Russell connects the glitch to the concept of breathing, sneezing, blinking, and other things like that. A computer glitch is involuntary, it is necessary, it is just part of the process. Just as blinking is not part of a humans planned actions, but it is still a part of the whole.

The second piece, Queer /Error: Gay Media Systems and Processes of Abjection, by Chad Parkhill and Jessica Rodgers, brings up the fundamental issue of seeing queerness as a glitch. To imply that it is a glitch can be used in a way that is homophobic, that it is an abnormality that can be changed and “patched” overtime. To imply this would stand against the many decades of fighting that people had to be recognized and allowed to express who they truly are. If there truly is a glitch, it is the fact that it reveals a system of expectations and rules in our current society. People are the glitch in society, we will not all function based on the rules and expectations placed upon us. The glitch reveals how and why certain aspects of our society is not working and how they must be changed.



2 thoughts on “Queer Glitch

  1. I liked your metaphor of blinking being similar to a glitch in the sense that it is not something that can be specifically accounted for or predicted per-se, its just something that happens that is part of the whole. In this sense it associates glitch and differing sexual orientations as something that is innately part of our social structure and should therefore not be frowned upon but in stead accepted.


  2. I agree with Fernando about the blinking being seen as an error but I feel that they are somewhat different. Glitches can be caused by bad programming or bad wiring to machines where as blinking is something we have to do or we might damage our eyes. They are similar but we cant really control our blinking. It’s fun to think about though!


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