ReADinG AsSigNmENt 4/25/2016


I like to think I am a forward thinking person, and it always baffles me when I realize the ignorance I still possess. I found the Queer/Error article very fascinating. Very eye-opening. I have to admit I judged the article before hand and thought to myself, “Why would we need to have to talk about Queer-related things in a glitch class?” After reading it I felt like a dumbass. I use to think why some of the gay men I know, seemed so sexualized. Had just provocative male body images everywhere. It never occurred to me how society and media only really relate to heterosexuals. The way women dress to attract men, the way women are objectified for men to drool over, the way men are objectified for women to drool over, movies are heterosexual… the list goes on. So OF COURSE anyone that is homosexual would want the same for themselves. DUH. I never thought of that.
I thought it was also interesting how “Queer” is like an error. It is related to something that might not be considered “normal.” I never liked the word Queer, because I find it to be such a derogative word. It is what people would call other people who they viewed as abnormal. However I don’t see Queer as an “error” in nature. I feel because it defies the idea of hetero procreation that somehow they are an “error.” But I see people born this way as an anomaly. An anomaly which is unique to the human species. I don’t really want to reflect on the HIV part of the article because that just makes me sad, but ok. So is the HIV/AIDS in a way an error for “Queer” individuals? Because I suppose it does glitch the blood cells… but I feel like it is so wrong to even talk about it personally. Astornaut over and out*


7 thoughts on “ReADinG AsSigNmENt 4/25/2016

  1. I’m glad the article opened your mind so much! I often think about what it must feel like to have no representations of a certain part of your identity in the mainstream media, and how that shapes one’s thoughts about themselves or the role models that they might have. But I agree that glitch art is the perfect method to fight against the heteronormativity that has infiltrated into what we see on the news, the Internet, and in our entertainment. It can challenge the traditional mindsets people have based on binaries, and can form a bridge between normalities and abnormalities and show that there is actually a spectrum of possibilities between these two terms. Going off your HIV/AIDS comments- I agree that it is definitely an error that has struck this community, and unfortunately means that they have even more to fight against in order to be accepted.


  2. I understand your ambivalence towards the word “queer”, since it implies that LGBTQ individuals are “weird” and “out of place”, and was used by heterosexuals to categorize everyone else that did not conform to heteronormative standards. However, the word “queer” now has mostly lost its antagonistic meaning. It has lost its “power”, as the LGBTQ community has reclaimed the term for their selves, on their own terms. It has become an umbrella term for sexuality of all spectrums, since LGBT stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender”, and marginalizes all other groups not included in the acronym. The usage of the word “queer” rejects normativity and the binary of the mainstream.


  3. It is good to see that these articles are eye opening to people. The issues revolving the binary nature of our society are often ignored by people and justified as just being the “way things are”. I am not sure of the validity of the statement of non-heterosexual behaviors being unique to human beings. Interesting breakdown of the article.


  4. I agree! this article really points out how binary our society is and anything different is instantly wrong or considered an error. Glitch art is so mind grabbing in the first place, adding provocative images makes people thing about things in different ways which is the first steps on the way to change. Love the colors by the way!


  5. your last point really made me think. When you said “i don’t think queer is an error” i think we can apply and think about it and relate it to glitch as a whole. The people who like glitch and see it as a cultural tool don’t think it’s an error, yet there are still people in the world that do just like there are still people that are anti-gay and homophobic in the world. I think that what made the gay movement so successful was that the majority of the mindset of Americans held a view similar to yours, however this mindset wasn’t always prevalent. Over time people have become accepting of the gays, similar to the way in which over time people became accepting of African Americans and women. So, my point is, maybe we are on the verge of one of these movements with glitch. Maybe glitch will evolve into something as powerful as the anti gay movement but all it takes is time for the mindset of the accepting of glitch to take over


  6. In your post you wrote, “It never occurred to me how society and media only really relate to heterosexuals.” This is especially true in “Queer/Error: Gay Media Systems and Processes of Abjection” as the authors discuss how HIV and AIDS victims that are homosexual and heterosexual and judged differently by the media. The authors write that the media portrays “gay men, sex workers, and intravenous drug users with AIDS as deviant and immoral. Those who were infected with HIV via blood transfusion or heterosexual contact were represented as ‘innocent’ victims.” This evidence seems to lend strength to the point you make in your posting.


  7. first of LOVE the colors! rainbow is awesome! very artistic of you! I also would like to comment on the fact that i at first didn’t really understand why we would be learning about queer in glitch class i was a little bit confused about the whole thing and didn’t know exactly where it fit in but after reading the article i totally get it! I also agree that I always thought that many gay men were over sexualized and never took the time to think about how as women we are constantly held on a petal stool of being sexy and perfect and for gay men of course they would want the same! I thought this article was really eye opening and made me realize somethings that i have never thought about!


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