BLOG 3 QUEER Glitching



I am extremely fascinated with glitch and the human body. Especially glitch porn. I found these articles to be very interesting and provocative.  I really enjoyed the firsts article “Digital Dualism and the Glitch Feminism Manifesto” The author talks about the concept of glitch as a “digital organism” she argues that it is similar to a human orgasm she explains how glitch and having an orgasm are both involuntary responses of the human body and the machine. They are both things that we can not control that happen and an orgasm exposes feeling and emotions that may have been hidden just like a glitch exposing what’s under the surface. I think this concept is radical!


This idea made me think a lot about what glitch actually is and how does glitching the body effect the viewer’s mindsets. The human body has many imperfections and glitches within its self so it is interesting to me to create real glitches in images to expose the imperfections that all of us try to hide. When it comes to femisnm and queer idea of glitching I feel that art plays a huge role in representing the meanings behind both terms. For centuries art has exposed truths in the world.  The article talks about



Glitch in relation to the social structure and economy. The author notes that the media has not represented homosexuality in a positive manner. This does not help the LBG community and there needs to be a shift in the way media represents these people. Glitch can do just that by exposing the truths behind what is actually going on. Lately there has been a whole new view of sexuality that has arised with Kaityln Jenner. I think society is starting to shift and now its time to embrace the shift and move forward. Glitch art can do just this and with more and more people coming out I think its important to keep in mind how these different groups of people are being represented in art and media. Femism has also had a very negative connotation and I believe its because the idea of being a femisnt is outdated. By saying you are a feminist you are creating another group and making it us against them mindset instead of looking at everyone as indivuals and equals. Its interesting to me that the world is shifting and ideas are being accepted that have not been for a very long time. In the renaissance period there were many famous men who were openly gay and it was considered normal.  Now we are back in a time where sexuality is shifting and people are identifying themselves differently. We can use art and glitching to express these changes and make a difference





One thought on “BLOG 3 QUEER Glitching

  1. I like your point in the second paragraph especially since I know that this is going to be insinuated in your project. I think that glitching the human body can and will have an effect on a viewer’s mindset. The human body, to me, is singular, never exactly unique to the next human and yet continuously compared and sexualized in media and culture. When you say that “the human body has many imperfections and glitches within its self so it is interesting to me to create real glitches in images to expose the imperfections that all of us try to hide” I’m curious to know what imperfections you are referring to. How will you deem the said imperfection on a body. Isn’t that counter productive to empowerment, especially since it perpetuates some hegemonic deeming of what is and is not an imperfection in someone else’s body. I know this may not be what you are implying but just something I may be reading into, id love some clarification. Maybe the viewing of your final project will clarify this!


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