Glitched midterm paper

Sara Grab

                          GLITCHED PAPER


What is Glitched art? Today with technology transforming more and more of our everyday lives and rapidly alternating the way we function in society a new form of artwork has come into rise, and that is glitched art. Author Sharon Brown talks about “glitch”

by saying The word “glitch” is already loaded with an aesthetic — highly saturated rainbow stripes and white noise chopping up an image, pixelated video streams in which the subjects’ words don’t match up with the audio, shimmering and twitching spots in video games. Although glitches are more often than not met with impatience or annoyance, a growing number of artists are aestheticizing errors from digital or analog sources, either by intentional manipulation or by malfunctions and corruptions like the ones we’re already familiar with.” In everyday life we experiences glitches they happened to us all the time so much so that often times we don’t even notice them.

In society as a whole we are constantly trying to mask what’s hidden under the surface. We see this in our government, media and even in our self’s. There is a drive to make everything appear as if things are okay. However, glitch art does the opposite, it exposes what is under the surface that often times people try to hide. It is a way of exerting control over the machine and the system by manipulating what is given to us. As the world becomes more and more connected with technology glitch art has been thought of more seriously as a way of creating dialogue within the artwork it self. In classical times the idea of art was to look “perfect” artist strived to create masterpieces that had no glitches in them. However glitch art does the very opposite.

Glitch art enables forms of dialogue that traditional artwork doesn’t. It allows people to question things like How much do we control our technology, and how much does it control us? What does it mean if we can reclaim the “errors” in our computers, phones, and cameras and repurpose them as our tools? These questions are all thought about when viewing and creating glitch art.  In classical art the artist tends to have control over his or her tools to a certain degree. However, with glitch art the artist is working hand in hand with the system. The artist cannot fully ever determine what glitch the system may have. This form of relationship is very interesting when thinking about glitch art. The process that goes into the glitching is just as important as the outcome of the actual glitch. Since the artist does not have complete control over the system glitching required a lot of trial and error in order to get the outcome one desires.


What I find very interesting is exploring the idea of glitching the female body. Today our society has an insane amount of pressure on women looking “perfect.” Women are constantly battling with an expectancy to look a certain way that is for most people, completely unachievable. With the rise of social media girls are being bombarded with photos and videos of the “perfect” women. Girls are constantly lowering their self esteem and comparing themselves to the women that are seen in magazines and on television.  In a study conducted on mass media it was discovered that women’s magazines had about ten times times as many weight loss ads than men’s. The fight to be slender is not only the initial cause for eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia, but also leads to low self-esteem and severe depression. Most of the girls have no idea that these women in magazines, social media or on television have been completely photo shopped and manipulated with in order to look the way they do. Author Dr Gail Gross talks about this saying


“Social media — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat — and celebrities have created a highly-charged 24/7 cycle of unrealistic body images that your teen may aspire to. Dysmorphia  a condition in which there is dissatisfaction with body appearance, is on the rise as your teen struggles to reach perfection. In fact, in a study by the Keep It Real Campaign, 80 percent of all 10-year-old, American girls have been on a diet.” (Huffington Post. Gross)


This study is heartbreaking that at the young age of ten years old girls are already starting to go on diets. Not only are girls held up to unrealistic body standards women are constantly being over sexualized. The very women that most girls look up to are constantly giving off a provocative and sexual appearance. Today many famous actors and singers have gained popularity by acting our in sexual ways for example Kim Kardashian was put on the map when her sex tape was released. Miley Cyrus gained so much press after releasing her very proactive video of “Wrecking Ball” the list continues on and on. However often times when girls follow these celebrities leads and dress “slutty” or act out they are considered “sluts.”

As women we are suppose to be skinny yet have all the curves men like and flaunt them constantly. There is a huge flaw in this way of thinking. No body is perfect, we as humans all have imperfections and the images that we see on media have been manipulated in order to give us the idea that women look perfect. This idea makes me think of glitching the system and exposing that all these celebrities and sex symbols are just like everyone else they have glitches. To what extend are women going to go in order to attempt to achieve “perfectness” I want to glitch the body and expose all the imperfections that are in these images making a stance against what society is pushing for women. I think by glitching the pictures of gorgeous models and exposing that there are many things wrong with these people too it could help create a discussion about female body image and what does it actually take and how much is one willing to give up in order to have a perfect body? and are these women with perfect bodies happy? Do they love themselves? Do they feel sexy? Or are they just as self conscious as anyone other women?  I think glitching the female body is important and exposing the flaws that are in every individuals and disrupting the idea of perfect body. In my project I want to Glitch stereotypical beautiful women and turn them into monsters also bringing up the issue that its not only matters what you look like but it also matters who you are as a person. So many of these models and celebrities are not actually good people and most of them are addicted to drugs and very unhappy. I want to glitch these people and expose the underlying layer that never gets talked about.

I think glitch art serves as a great purpose in bringing awareness and addressing ideas or views that otherwise wouldn’t be addressed. I think it’s a great medium for people who want to expose what is going on. Our generation being so connected to technology glitch art offers a way to have some control over the system by manipulating it and changing the way things were. We are living in a very progressive day and age where people are constantly questioning things and trying to find news ways to do things.  I think glitch art is fascinating and takes a stance at what’s happening in the world technologically!







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