Ducking Autocorrect

I believe that the concept glitch and error in relation to making things visible is very relevant to us today. I found Benjamin Mako Hill’s article to give some thought provoking examples of this in particular. Initially, his discussion about ATMs running on windows was very compelling to me. It made me think about other similar technologies like the electronic soda dispensers that they have in restaurants like Jack in the Box. Similar to the ATMs, these machines also experience errors from which we notice that they too run on windows software.

Aside from this, I also found the discussion on T9 and how our phones today have prediction programs installed in them that can act as erroAutocorrectr as well. The most relatable example that I also found to quite humorous was this autocorrecting system in relation to profanity and swear words. I feel that I have personally experienced this frustration when I am trying to write Fu**ing and am always met with the word ducking. What I find most interesting is that the use of the word ducking in most situations is quite irrelevant but at the same time reveals to the receivers that my phone autocorrected and resulted in a typo.

Tyson HomosexualWhen thinking about this I also found it interesting to think about Hill’s discussion on the emergence of “clbuttuc”. In this situation it is funny to think how in trying to fix an error with T9 programs we found ourselves making even more errors. The example of the Olympic athlete named Tyson Gay was also amusing. Again we notice how the more we try to fix errors we find ourselves reflecting on new errors and the programs and deep functions that cause these errors. It is clear that errors are necessary in our society or else we would lack knowledge of where information comes from as well as the manner in which it is processed.


2 thoughts on “Ducking Autocorrect

  1. AWSOME JOB BRYAM! i really like your blog post and i think you did a fabulous job summarizing the article ” revealing errors” I liked that you connected the ATM machines with the soda machines at jack and the box really great example and made me realize how so much of what we take for granted is technology and how as humans we don’t even realize how much of everyday life is assistant by technology. technology plays an enormous role in our day to day life and its important to take a step back and see technology for what is it rather then take it for granted. I also really liked how you brought up texting and auto correct and the word “ducking” this always happens to me and drives me crazy! It makes you realize once again that technology even though it tries to know everything we mean simply cannot and its important to understand the role that it plays in our lives. I also really enjoyed the way you formatted your blog post it looks really cool and defiantly captured me eye! great job!


  2. I didn’t even think about the soda machines. Its kind of crazy to realize that so many machines still run old windows systems. The registers at my work are from the early 2000’s. I’m pretty surprised they don’t make even more errors just from being outdated. Not to mention bigger systems like airport and traffic lights that could kill people if they failed. Somehow they’ve managed to keep up with modern technology! Nice pictures!


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