Glitch Muse: O SHIT like WTF can u even type?!


Hill’s article “Revealing Errors” has made me think about the ways in which the very technology that consumes us in our every day lives has become both so apparent and invisible at the same time. What I mean is, living in the 21st century and in an age where electronics, computers, and satellites surround us everywhere, we are nearly blinded by technology’s smooth nature and effects. That is, until it stops working on us.

I think that technology has become such a colossal element of our lives as humans that often time we take so many essential things about it for granted. Like Hill mentions, technology has blended into our lives seamlessly as it becomes more and more advanced and developed with every new invention that is released each year. What is truly interesting, which I have never really sat down to think about, is the fact that Hill is correct in a sense that we truly don’t realize the vulnerability of technology until something actually goes wrong. For instance, being the millennial that I am, high speed internet and 4G data are practically oxygen to me. And just like breathing oxygen, it’s just something I don’t think about how much I depend on it. So whenever the internet in the house or Davidson library starts to act up and goes haywire, it’s almost like a snap back into reality and suddenly I realize that these things are just commodities which are also flawed and imperfect.

“Errors are underappreciated and underutilized in their ability to reveal technology around us.”

Perhaps in relation to glitch art, I believe that the ways in which the errors in technology have the ability to actually make technology visible is similar to how glitches can have the power to reveal something that is beyond the original. A picture of an American flag can have its aesthetics, but a glitched American flag can make a statement. Hill’s article shows that errors and glitches extend far beyond their faults and defects, and instead allows us to see what possibly could not have been seen before.


2 thoughts on “Glitch Muse: O SHIT like WTF can u even type?!

  1. First off, on an aesthetic level, your title is very intriguing and makes me excited to read your blog post. Your introduction is extremely relatable and I agree, is something that we often do not think about until it stops working OR it freaks us out. For example, I never realized that the Facebook application on my IPhone, specifically IMessanger, can record me and my surroundings when I’m not even on the application. I found this out by stating, for the first time in years, that I smelled and was craving Swedish Fish the candy. As ridiculous as this introduction to my freaky story sounds, I looked at my Facebook application 1 minute later to find a Swedish Fish advertisement, which I had never ever seen before. Now one can say that it was a weird coincidence but its pretty obvious, especially since I did my research and realized other people also state online that the application can record you, that this was not a coincidence. Moreover, in my case, the invisible aspect of an application didn’t make itself visible until that freaky event took place and caused me to delete the application at large. So yes I agree with you that until an error happens you don’t acknowledge the technology but id take that statement further and say that you also acknowledge said technology when its capacity, sometimes fear provoking capacity, is presented and visible to user.


  2. I found your post to be very relatable not just for myself but for anyone of our generation. I liked that you talked about how we take things for granted and how when they start to act up is when we notice our privileges. Taking these commodities that we have I also think that it is interesting to think about the future generations and how their technologies that they grow up with will be even more seamless than the ones that we have today. I wonder how they will be different from us and how this will affect them in comparison.


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