in class assignment 5/10-HASTAC

Victoria Goldsmith and Will Huebner

HASTAC stands for Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory. They are dedicated to finding new, innovative ways to learning and research in higher education. They have many programs which involve technology, that emphasize the way technology can improve higher education and daily life.

HASTAC is relavent in today’s technological climate because we live in a time where we dependent on media. We use technology of all different forms to assist our everyday lives. We use our cellphone to make calls to our friends and family, we may use Microsoft word and a laptop to write a paper for class, we may use the internet to activate Facebook. Technology is apparent and plays an active role in today’s daily routine.

From a historical perspective, technology has advanced from the Pony Express to the e-mail. HASTAC is a consortium dedicated to advancing technology such as this, that improve every day life. More specifically, they focus on education and how technology and technological advancements can further ones learning. Through their Digital Media and Learning Competition program, they fund technologies such as phone application, social networks and video games, that can help foster and advance learning. These technologies emphasize how media is capable of changing the way people learn and participate in daily life.

As college students, this initiative is relevant to our lives for what we learn is just as important as how we learn it. With today’s day and age being so dependent on technology, much of our school work includes technology. For example, we use our computers to type papers, we have our homework posted online, in this class part of our work includes weekly blog posts and comments engaging the class in a virtual world outside the classroom. With organizations such as HASTAC, their drive for a more innovate learning experience is relevant to our education. With the younger generations being exposed to technology at a younger age than ours, by the time this generation is in college technology will be far more expansive than it is now. HASTAC will and can help improve the future educational experience of the younger generations and the generations to come.

From a filmmaking perspective, innovation is also necessary to convey themes, messages, and emotional undertones in a fresh and interesting way that audiences will readily consume. The entertainment business is just that- a business. More specifically, it is a business reliant on the unexpected- the surprise. More successful stories are often ones that play with an individual’s expectations and subvert them or turn them upside-down. Storytelling is simply teaching an audience through plot and doing so in an interesting (or financially lucrative) way, which is often largely a result of new horizons created by technological advancements. For example, early film students can learn using new and improved technology consistent with today’s world, instead of outdated modes of teaching. Giving this hands-on experience and early exposure to technology will allow for students to grasp and understand what it is they are trying to learn by having this hands on experience.



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