5/9/2015 Last Blog Assignment

This article reminded me of the book “The Medium is the Massage.” He predicts how technology eventually becomes an extension of our senses, and it goes along with what Hill is saying. I remember before my parents even had cellphones. I even remember my first Motorola cellphone when I was  in South Korea. I remember the crappy family computer we had before see the APPLE we have now in schools. It’s been such a blur I have become so used to what is available today that anything that isn’t touch screen to me has become so last decade.

    I found it fascinating how computers were unable to catch errors originally. I mean now we have autocorrect. I think the most interesting thing about all of this is that we fail to realize that as technology enhances, it really does become more of an intelligence. However we are still treating it as an object, just a machine. I don’t mean to get sci-fi about this but it’s quite probable that if a computer can be programmed to think and catch errors as well as make decisions on its on, then it could very well have a consciousness. I wonder what Hill would think then of Error. I wonder if machines in the future might get carried away and think that humanity is the error. Help! haha
     I think Glitch art has power. I think it in a way it is the beginning of a revolution in technology. Glitch Theory/Art instills an awareness about the system and today’s current technologies.Society is so numb to technology only viewing it as a tool, or as part of themselves, but not realizing that perhaps it isn’t we who have the power, but the technology itself. Errors have definitely made us more aware of the technology around us.


3 thoughts on “5/9/2015 Last Blog Assignment

  1. I absolutely agree with you when you say that glitch art is part of a larger revolution in technology because it has the ability to go beyond simply “the error”. It’s just so meta that it’s hard not to think of a glitch as simply as is. But in terms of power, I think it’s fair to say that as humans, we do have more agency over our technology so long as we are aware that “invisibility” that it tries to hide itself behind.


  2. That’s so funny that you mentioned that it reminded you of the medium is the massage because it reminded me of the exact same thing! When Mcluhan talked about how media is an extension of our senses and how prevalent media is and how embedded it is in everyday culture and life. I got my first cell phone in 5 grade and it’s crazy to think at how developed the cell phone has become since then. I had an lg flip phone that could take pictures and that was so awesome. Now, what’s awesome is having the newest iphone of if your phone is built in waterproof or has any other features that extended beyond what the cell phone was intentionally used for- calling (and later) texting


  3. Yes, definitely reminds me of medium of the masssage, and the machine intelligence. You bring up a good, and scary, point of machines evolving to think for themselves. The evolution of machines and especially cellphones is crazy when you look at it in the few years cell phones have been big I found my old one the other day, and was comparing them, it was ridiculous! It makes me think if cellphones will ever hit a limit of efficiency, where they cant get any thinner or lighter etc.


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