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After understanding “glitch” more I really found the article Aesthetics of Errors to be very useful and insightful. I really liked Barkers ideas about the artist role and position when it comes to glitching. He talks about how there is never any certainty how the final product will turn out and that is one of the amazing aspects of glitching. The artist is never 100 percent in control of their final piece. This is not true to many other artforms for artist are able to control their artwork very easily most artist know the outcome of their piece and there isn’t a gamble in creating the artwork.


However glitch artists can manipulate things and try to have a very close idea of what will happen but will never know the actual outcome until it is done. After glitching on my own I have realized this especially being an amateur at the art of glitching I have no idea how my piece will turn out. It is basically trial and error and to me that is the magic and part of the whole excitement of glitching. I never know how my piece will turn out when I change random numbers and it always ends up surprising me.


I discovered the conversation of Bruno Munari’s Useless Machines to be especially fascinating as it was an example where the artist could not predict the machine’s movements but he did fact set up the skill for movement itself.  The artist set up a route for the machine to move however could not completely predict the route the machine would move in. I really liked reading this article and understanding different processes artist take in glitching. I think the power of glitching is that one gives up his or her power in the art while at the same time regaining power.





It’s fascinating and to be studying a glitch at first seemed so strange to me and now I am starting to really understand the importance that can lie in a glitch. I hope in my final project that I can use glitch in a powerful way to make a stance on women objectification.


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