fIvE glitch galleries and film festivals

  1. Clark University had a gallery exhibition solely for glitch art in Spring of 2014 where they displayed glitch art by Hugh .

2. Pace Gallery in Chelsea had an exhibit in 2014 by teamLab titled Ultra Subjective Space, one of the glitched exhibits was titled Flower and Corpse Glitch Set of 12. The exhibit is my a Japanese artist whose name I could not find but here is the link to the exhibit which is clean, beautiful and fascinating.

3. Eslinger Art Gallery: This digital/online art gallery displays many different types of art which include, Splatter Art, Wonderland Art, Pop Surrealism and Glitch Art. I find it fascinating that a gallery can be online and especially appropriate for Glitch Art.

Glitch Art

4.  Glitchicago: An Exhibition of Chicago Glitch Art: This is a festival that “presents the work of 22 artists working with glitch in a wide variety of media”. It is a 2 month long festival that is in Chicago and associated with the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art.

glitChicago: An Exhibition of Chicago Glitch Art




5. Glitch Festival: This festival is this coming September on the island of Malta in the woods of Buskett. Judging by the information found online this festival is mostly a music glitch festival providing “disjointed techno” and “acid and electro”.




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