Glitch Art Installations

Glitchicago was a glitch art festival held 2 year ago in Chicago. Chicago has been known by artist for exhibiting unique and different forms of art. This display shows “noise and new media” and how they play a part an ever changing world of art. The festival kicked off with many artists showing up and discussing the process and the thoughts behind their art pieces. After the opening day, artist held a discussion looking at the origins of glitch art and from a historical perspective. They also aimed to tackle the question of once glitch art is accepted into art history, will ‘glitch art’ disappear as its own, unique form.

Memories Corrupt: A Glitch Photography Art Exhibit, is a somewhat unique exhibit, in the fact it is being put on by a young photographer from Massachusetts . The most interesting part about this exhibit is that it was being funded by Kickstarter. Sabato Visconti created a Kickstarter page to complete funding to put on his own glitch art project. Dealing mainly in heavily edited photos, his goal was to elevate glitch art to the levels of ‘regular’ art. Debuting most of his pieces in his first ever gallery, Visconti reached his goal and held a large gallery opening, with large wall prints of his work.


Glitch Moment/ums was held in the U.K in 2013. This glitch art installation featured seven artists that achieved glitch art through “hacking familiar hardware” This differs from most glitch art exhibits where digital files are changed and displayed in a digital or printed format. This expo features less than normal art pieces. Benjamin Gaulon took this idea and hacked an Amazon Kindle to display broken images. This gallery shows that glitch art can fall into many different categories and isn’t defined by tropes that ‘normal’ art falls into.


Melanie Willhide stumbled onto glitch art after her laptop was stolen and all the info was erased. After attempting to recover her data, she found that her images contained glitches and errors. She was hooked on a new craze. Using her photography skills she quickly learned how to use glitch to her advantage to get he point across. She appropriately titled her first show in the Von Lintel Gallery in New York, To Aaron Rodriguez With Love, the man who stole her laptop.

Counterpath displayed work by big names in the glitch art such as Kim Asendorf  and Rosa Menkman. This display will take place this summer in Denver every Sunday along with the summer jazz festival that is held. Combining art with a music festival helps bring in more people that wouldn’t go to only a art show. This attraction is hoped to open more people up to the world of glitch art and establish it as a true art from and not just errors.





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