Burial, Nosaj Thing and Jaime XX

I found this reading to be rather intriguing and could relate to it. The reading describes glitch in sound along with how it has progressed over time due to djs and what not. To be honest I could care less about most DJ’s and edm, however I am fascinated by electronic musicians such as Burial, Nosaj Thing and Jaime XX. I have always found glitch and music to go hand in hand. Nine Inch Nails for example, Trent Reznor manages to loop sounds and hard drums to create this amazing industrial sound. This sound that Reznor created can be seen as pioneering industrial music. Nine Inch Nails album “The Downward Spiral” is a beautiful set of sounds that are remixed and glitched in order to provide the listener with an experience. The album itself sounds as if one is being torn apart and coming back together. The themes in the album vary from god and sexuality, but overall, it is a wonderful example of glitch. Reznor distorts sounds and his lyrics can be considered sacrilegious. the album itself is out of the norm, it is a glitch since it breaks from the norms of society. Seeing how defying god and acting outside of what is considered normal, it does not follow the system beliefs of our “american” culture. Art like this ultimately can be viewed as a mistake as an error, as something that shouldn’t exist in our idealistic american world.of  Then there is musicians like Burial, who not only keeps to himself in secrecy, he samples everyday sounds, there is no instruments. Burial breaks the conventions of creating music, he needs no instruments, all he needs is recordings of sounds. As he gathers these sounds he loops and layers them in a beautiful manner and created u. k. dubstep. Which in my opinion along with future garage are great examples of glitch as a music genre. the distortion and creation out of the norm. The very essence of transcending musical standards distinguishes those who know to create sound from those who can create art and set themselves as auteurs. A glitch is simply an error, a form of breaking away from the conventions and “rules”that make a genre, at least for art sake. Technology is a whole different thing.

4 thoughts on “Burial, Nosaj Thing and Jaime XX

  1. I like how you used different artists and song titles as examples to prove that glitched noise can be transformed into music. It also makes you think that you listen to glitches everyday, but you don’t know it.

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  2. It’s interesting to see how artists you know fall under the category of the reading. Shows that even if you did not know they were glitch artists, you still found meaning and joy in the compositions from ‘error’ they are creating.

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  3. I think it is interesting how you tie in artists who are not traditionally defined as glitch artists. I like your broader definitions of errors and glitch.

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