Noise Floor Response

This reading made me take a look at sound and how it plays a role in glitch culture.  Musicians always try to be as composed as possible.  They don’t want to miss a single note as it would be an error.  It’s interesting to see how sound can be created from errors.  The invention of the computer opened the door to many obscure sounds that can be emulated from the device.  Reading this made me realize that one of my favorite genres of music, electric music, is nothing but a bunch of glitched sounds orchestrated in an artistic way.  When does an error in sound go from being noise to music?  What really caught my attention was the application of sound into visuals.  Audiovisual glitch art seems amazing because sound is so fluid and unpredictable that when converted to visual images can create some trance like visuals.  Overall I thought this reading was insightful to the concept of glitch in sound.


2 thoughts on “Noise Floor Response

  1. I like how you brought up the idea of taking something that is originally audio, and changing it to a visual component. During my years as an Art major, I have seen art works that try to mimic or represent different one of our main sense. For example, someone had painted with sand mixed in with their paint, to give the composition texture, playing with our sense of touch. I believe this is an example of glitching the way we view/use our own senses.


  2. I think the question of “When does an error in sound go from noise to music?” is interesting. I like your exploration of it.


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