Queer Glitch and Feminsm

The glitch feminism manifesto states” The glitch is the catalyst, not the error. The glitch is the happy accident. When the computer freezes mid-conversation, when the video buffers and refuses to progress, these moments are a new mode of foreplay, something that needs to be acknowledged not as a fetish, but as a new possibly for foreplay within sexual routine. We want what we cannot have; whatever the material we are aiming to access, the glitch makes us wait and whimper for it.” I found this quote to be rather fascinating, the idea of buffering due to unstable connections or an error in the network being part of the experience is something I never considered, but I do understand the concept. Sometimes the anticipation for something to load arouses or excites us since we know what desire is loading. Its a form of foreplay between the digital and the user.

Also the idea that glitch feminism is a way of breaking away from the patriarchy is something I’m interested in. I believe that it is of vital importance that we break away from this mold of what we expect women to be like. The system needs to be changed it needs to be glitched, and as the glitch manifesto said, it is important to break away from the standards and norms that are implemented from society. These social constructs are just a way of separating people and pitting people against each other. We need to glitch and change the system in order to be able to create a great change in the world where everyone is truly equal, and treated justly.

As for the queer error article, I found it rather sad that there raiding gay clubs. It seems that the government truly has a problem with those that try to abstract from what they want us to do. The government is constantly trying to control our lives and invade our privacy, and I think this is wrong. We should be allowed to break boundaries and create change. The only way to change society is to glitch it, and go against what the patriarchal people in power want us to believe. Also idealogies being sold to us, we are constantly targeted ads its as if they want us to live a lifestyle they have set for us. But I am completely against this. I wanna break the boundaries and redefine film and high art and high fashion. I wanna create something that abstracts from the norm and critiques the disgusting world we live in, I wish to give people of colour and those in the lgbtq community a chance to be properly represented. I am mexican and grew up in a bad neghbourhood, lot of gangs and what not, I could of easily accepted my life in the hood and do what is expected from mexicans. However I decided to glitch what was expected from me and go to uni and create a change, make films, documentaries, high art and high fashion. I wanted to glitch away from east la and the gangs and the violence. I just want to create beautiful things for the world to enjoy.





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