Revealing Errors

I found this chapter to be rather interesting since it looks into how errors occur due to technology constantly changing or technology not being the same across nations. It was interesting how keyboards differ and cause errors while typing. I can completely agree with that, even with the mention of sms errors and leading to text talk. I’m constantly mistyping words on my computer or on my phone due to typing to fast or the keyboard not sensing my inputs in the correct order. This often leads to words that make it seem as if a dyslexic wrote  them. Also the idea of google and other websites changing and editing the content and written words without author’s consent is rather intriguing. I had no idea this occured but changing things like ass to butt is kinda weird in my opinion. Its as if they are trying to control the way we use language. I also believe that with the rise of emojis and texting it has created something similar to newspeak as mentioned in the novel 1984.  Things like memes and shortening words or using images to represent words or actions is having a rather interesting change on the use of our language. Text and internet slang and emojis seem to be universal, and that is rather fascinating.


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