Feminist/Queer Glitch

Both the feminist and queer glitch manifestos dealt with the idea that we are breaking away from the societal norm and creating something for ourselves. The feminist manifesto talks about how rather than viewing glitch as an error, it is a way to escape and a new platform for people to fight for equality. The manifesto discusses how digital is perfect for that in relation to porn and sex. Just like how foreplay in sex makes us ready to seize what we want, teasing us, a glitch in the digital, ie. The spinning beach ball of doom, the hourglass, buffers, etc, has the same effect. The normal continuous world is not what excites us. It is the little buffers and glitches that stop us from getting what we want, that invigorates us. Similarly, the queer manifesto asserts that we should go against society in order to believe in what we believe is right. We should not be accepting what we are told to believe or do what we are told to do, but rather act on our own beliefs. We should be willing to break the rules and standards of society. The article discusses about how the government went through extreme lengths in order to contain normality within the society under their rules such as raiding gay clubs. This just comes to show that we are living in a society that is strictly managed by what we consider social norms and that we should also be breaking away from these norms in order to truly express ourselves. We should be the glitches in society that aren’t errors, but beautiful creations.


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