Glitching is the happy incident

Through the readings, I understand how unique people present themselves by Glitch Art. To be perverted, is to be in error. Representing in the error is the way for homosexual people to show up themselves to the society. They use their body with art in order to express their deepest fantasies and desire. Glitch becomes a way for them to self-expresson, and they no longer hide their sexual orientation. Instead of showing up the uniqueness of homosexual bodies directly, the artists utilizes them with glitch art. The mistakes they applied on the picture make them become more special and beautiful. Whether gay, lesbian, or porn stars, who are labeled particularly by the society, suffer different level of pressure from themselves, their family, or the society. The glitch splits the difference, and makes the difference become accepted. Creating error on the picture of the physical body of such special people, the viewers are able to see their deep mind through the art work, which is holding the love and bliss of being different.


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