Queer and Feminist Glitch

These two articles tackle two of the most hotbed social problems facing the United States today. Gender and sexual equality. Rather than the normal arguments for or against, these articles take an approach toward an alternative idea. How can glitch and glitch art be applied to these two communities? To feminists, glitch is an opportunity to say “fuck the systems” and move away from the choking patriarchy that has dominated society for generations. It is a way to move feminism into the digital age; a new frontier to fight the fight for equality on. Glitch is an opportunity to see the world outside the normal binary, black and white view of a digitized society and rather see the possibility of fluidity in gender and hopefully accept something different not as inherently wrong but rather as planned and uniquely beautiful. Queer error, on the other hand is a rather abject story on the gay community in relation to media and glitch. As the government feared for control they looked to marginalize an already marginalized community to wield power and keep “the old ways” in play. By raiding the clubs known to be frequented by queer people the government are mongering fear and taking advantage. In addition, by failing to recognize and portray the issues involved with an HIV/AIDS positive test, the main stream gay media – attempting to stay relevant and survive – severely neglected the needs  of those needing help. Just not looking at something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. By sweeping it under the rug they were able to save their own asses, while dooming countless others over lack of awareness and treatment.


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