Queerness and Glitch

After reading the articles Digital Dualism and the Glitch Feminism Manifesto as well as Queer/Error: Gay Media Systems and Processes of Abjection, I found it interesting that we can compare computers/technology with other aspects of life. I also feel that these articles show how glitch can be based on opinion. Nothing can be considered a perfect system to everyone.  There will always be someone who disagrees, and a lot of the time, those people would call what they deem as disagreeable as a “glitch”, because in most minds, a glitch is something negative. With the case of combining Queer and Error, this type of thinking is probably within many homophobic minds. They may believe queerness to be an error in the system (or body in this case), and that it is something meant to be fixed. But many others see it as something beautiful and to be accepted. And I believe that since our society is taught to believe glitch is something wrong, those open minded people are more than likely to not define Queerness as a glitch. But if we think about it, glitch goes against the societal norms, and shows the breaks in the “normal” system people once agreed upon. It also brings to light unpopular opinions. So can we define queerness as a glitch and not think of it as negative, but as something natural and beautiful in the system? Can the idea of glitch have a different meaning for someone when compared to Queerness, depending on the opinion of that person?


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