The Glitch Manifesto

This reading on glitch by Legacy Russell made me think about glitch in a different way.  It was interesting when she was talking about glitch with sex and porn.  In today’s we as a culture have high demands for immediacy.  Our society functions in a way that attempts to be the most sufficient.  When our familiarity with our systems are disrupted it causes tension for example a buffering video will make us writhe with the desire for a video to play already.  This is even more the case in terms of pornography.  Someone watches porn because they are excited and seeking a release.  When a video buffers this glitch is teasing your desires bringing out a reaction in the viewer.  The glitch has the ability to hide what we desire to see.  This reading was in line with what we have been learning in class that glitches exist to disrupt the system.  Overall this article had an interesting perspective when talking about glitch.


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