This page is a continuation of the art featured in the Reel Loud exhibition of NintenGlitch. The following are images that were included on the trifold of the display:

Mario Images:

mariologo smlogo dg_62 smlogo dg cc

smlogo vm cc

474578-virtuanes_2008_07_31_20_20_55_50 mariostart cc_363

mk mkg

mario mario vm

mush mushg

l  lg

y      yg

p     pg


The Legend of Zelda Images:

zlogo zlogo cc zlogo cc_crushed_30

z zg

loz cc loz cc_109

link_295  link_crushed_169



Glitched Sheild.jpg


“Glitched Shield” by Bryam Aguilar

A 3D glitch of Link’s shield from The Legend of Zelda games.