Hello! My name is Andrea D’Alfonso. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1996, moved to Florida when I was 4 and then moved to Spain about 3 and a half years ago. With that being said, I am an exchange student from Spain and will be here at UCSB for the year (Im absolutely in love with this place). I am a 3rd year film and media studies student. I am more interested in the writing and acting side of this major, but I find this class subject super interesting… any type of digital media in general is important nowadays… even though I must admit that I don’t know much (if anything) about it.


For my video glitch project, I compiled a couple of videos that really exemplify my life during this last quarter of the school year. It begins with a time lapse i took of the sunset (kind of portraying the beginning of a day) and goes through basically what I would do on a normal basis – going to the beach on my bike, jamming in the car, going out with my roommates, in bed, etc. The sunset keeps moving further and further down, signalling the end of the day getting closer and closer until it almost completely sets. Towards the end of the video I glitched it to make it seem like it went through my day again really quickly as kind of a blur. I used after effects and iMovie to put this all together. The effects I used were the displacement map and then toggled with the left and right and up and down axis of the pictures. Then I added a wave effect because it symbolizes the ocean and last but not least I added a sort of mirror effect that I loved because it made it seem like it was almost underwater. To further its appeal, I put some videos sideways because I liked how it looked. 



I was inspired by having these memories forever, but pasting them all together. I will listen to a part of it and remember exactly what the video was and what was happening. The picture: it goes into like different layers/shades according to our state, like things we would never say while being drunk. I also feel like being drunk gives you an almost glitched or distorted view of the world and pasting everything together to make it sound even weirder and more out of context. I like when music has a more continuous sound and beat, I feel like its easier to follow, thats why I tried to leave the underlying music as intact as possible and just glitch everything else.





Today in the middle of our class we experienced an internet crash that is affecting the entire campus. As we know, this class is ineffective if we can’t use the computers softwares and webpages, where all of the information is stored. Especially in a class like this, we realise that we completely depend on the internet… maybe too much. It honestly feels almost belittling that we have to depend on something so much. Even scary to think about. Without this one thing, we are useless. 

I don’t know much about technological systems but this must’ve had to be a pretty big and important glitch in the system for it to be down throughout the entire campus and for this long. I must admit that I felt a general state of confusion and chaos throughout the community of students as soon as the internet went down, almost as if no one knew what to do without the internet. It was like chickens running with their heads cut off. The little stores and restaurants couldn’t even manage to keep running, because the machines depend on wifi for your bank card to go through and who carries cash in their wallet anymore? (The lines at the atm had roughly 20 or so people in them desperately trying to get money out). Maybe its not such a bad thing, though, that this happens. It makes us realise 2 things: we can’t be so dependent on one thing and that the internet is not a perfectly functioning system. More importantly, I think sometimes we take for granted that we have working internet all of the time, when a lot of people (meaning people from lower social classes or from different non-first-world countries) aren’t so lucky. It makes me reflect on these people and appreciate what I have everyday of my life.