I’m an exchange student from Hong Kong majoring in Film and Art History. At home, I specialize in a major that is similar to Film/Feminist/Queer/Cultural/Postcolonial Studies at the University of Hong Kong while spending most of my time at an internship at FOX Networks Group as a programming intern from Dec 2016- Dec 2018. Though I’m not very experienced in production, despite some minor PA/slate/set design jobs and my previous 118 project, I am particularly interested in VJing, as I have performed (badly) at several online radio stations in Hong Kong. In this class, I’m hoping to learn to create these image effects myself and not just simply triggering these presets from a program.

Instagram: @jennnital
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Blog posts:
Reality Checks, Gibberish, and Noise

Week 2 Assignment:
Image Acquisition
mockingbird presentation- Menkman

Week 3 Assignment:
Glitch Assignment 1
just in case 

Week 5- 3D Models
glitched baby on sketchfab
baby on box.com

Week 5 updates on 3D
-MakeHuman can export bones– but comes with the format in .fbx and not .obj!

deformed baby
bones manipulated on blender
fashion baby

bathroom fantasies is inspired by a series of toilet bowl portraits. the track captures my intimate experience with it: thoughts that go through my mind, what i hear, and conversations it has with other bathroom objects. comprised of recorded sounds from Hong Kong, and sounds around my current love affair-toilet-bowl, I used premiere to chain them together into one dreamy reverie. The most fundamental layer of this piece perhaps is the u-law raw data of my glitch image from Audacity that creates consistent pulsating force. Through out the 6-minute piece, we will travel with different sounds: a leaky tap, toilet flushes, bathroom fan, drone noises, icecream trucks, and arrive at a strange guitar melody (at around 2:48).

Midterm- Project proposal

this short video is a glitched stop-motion sequence where i used multiple glitchy effects in the same frame– i particularly liked the look of having multiple blocks on the same image moving to different rhythms. the stop-motion quality of the video also adds to the stuttering glitch effect that i desired. i put screws into a piece of bread and animated the screws. one limitation here though is that these motion factory glitch add-ons do not interrupt the audio at all. as a result i’ve experimented with two things in the next two attempts: recording through soundflower plug-in to capture external micrphone+ internal audio / internal audio alone (but failed).
wavy forks– shot in black&white slow-motion+ premiere effects+ motion factory waves!
stop-motion, audio-sensitive visual effects from VDMX, external mic+internal sound glitch from AE rendering.

avidemux attempt: https://vimeo.com/339184928