I am a junior Film and Media major and I also pole Vault for the D1 track team. I transferred from College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita. I took a lot of production courses including Cinematography, Adobe Premiere editing, and Filmmaking I & II. I’ve worked as a private contractor producing videos for various individuals and small businesses. My equipment includes a DJI Phantom 4 drone, Canon 70D, Sony Alpha 7, Lumix GH4, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut. In my latest job I worked as a Social Media & marketing intern where I created videos for a new local small business.

Assignment 1

Using the text editor I change about 40 numbers from 2’s to 8’s and then implemented a few sections with lines of “0”. I was unable to duplicate the effect of sold red hue to any other pictures.

Assignment 2 Databending

One of my favorite images using voxel mapping (Picture of city from plane window)

Very trippy glitch using line sorting

3D Glitch Effects Tutorials 1-4

I was able to create this glitch by replacing “1” with “6” in the first 30 lines and also changing “5” to “3” lines 100-150.

Issues: After importing the model into Blender I would get the red/orange highlight around the edge and I am unable to go into edit mode. I tried a couple different things I found at but even I was still unable to go into edit mode.

I was super stoked with the way this Glitch turned out. The distortion looks to be even on all sides, but I manipulated random areas of code.

Issues: Unable to enter edit mode

Spread Sheet Issue

Google sheets did not allow me to drag and drop the file in, so I used Libre Office shown in the tutorial.

Major exporting issues: During the tutorial the Mark Klink is using Windows and is able to export the file with the extension (.obj). When trying to export on a Mac it doesn’t give the option of exporting as a .obj Exporting the file as .esc and then changing the extension after exporting gives this error when trying to open in Blender, fusion360 and MeshLab.

I followed the steps 100% and could not get it to work.

I checked the properties of the file and it was just as large as other 3D models I had saved, but the Sheets modified file claims, “Error, no vertex found”.

“ATOM” amazing text editor for Mac and Windows!

Came across this free text editor, it has some pretty advanced features but is very user friendly for simple text editing.
If you look in the bottom right corner of the picture you’ll see the light blue highlighted rectangle. That’s an option to search only what you have highlighted which is a very useful tool when not trying to change the “f” lines. It’s also a feature not available in the default Mac Text Editor.

Third Party Add-ons in Blender

File>User Preferences>Add-ons>install Add-on File From…

It took a couple tries but I was finally able to upload the Add-on by selecting the “ file.

Issue: The Index-Visualizer never showed up on properties even after I activated it. You can activate it by finding it in Add-ons and checking the box.

Alternative: This morning when trying to change the 3D Global view in input settings I found the hotkey for the Index Visualizer which is (Ctrl Alt I) at default. Didn’t work on my Mac so I changed it to (Ctrl Command I) But even then the menu didn’t show in properties tab.


I used 2 background songs and two audio tracks from friends. The audio, in the beginning, saying, “This is my n**** right here” is from when my friend Hosea was blacked out drunk at formal. At 12 seconds I use a glitch as a transition into the next song. At 21sec I started placing repeated clips of my friend Hosea but in a glitched form by adjusting speed, bass, treble, echo, reverb etc. At 37sec I used a track from my friend’s song that we shot in Santa Barbara over Spring break. There’s not a specific message you’re supposed to receive from listening to this, I wanted it to be completely random and open to interpretation. At 48sec I increased the tremble right after he says “ticking time bomb” to resemble an explosion. At 1:05 you can hear a repeated slap sound. That is actually a repeat of Eisah inhaling, I wanted to try and make it more pronounced because it’s funny if you pay attention to rappers inhaling while “spitting” yo. At 1:20 I used a track that was very popular in memes from the past. It starts with a guy saying “boom pow” and ends with a group of people screaming. It’s actually pretty unpleasant and annoying so I slowed down the end to alter peoples expectations. That’s when I decided to lower the volume of all the tracks and leave it up to the audience to make sense of what they just heard while listening to some pleasant background music.

Video Sequence Glitch