Yudan Li

READING RESPONSE-APR.11 “The first article primarily talks about the existence of glitch and tries to prove that it is an art. Deleuze’s philosophy of the virtual demonstrates that the importance of conditions and progress, which give life to the “aesthetics of the error”. According to Deleuze, invisible potential and conditions are the cores of organizations…

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Keana Alden

Broken Hands – 3D Glitch Video < Broken Hands from Keana Alden on Vimeo.  Broken Hands – 3D Glitch Screenshots Thoughts on “The Subversive Use of Theory” Currently thanking the Universe for this short essay. As a little sister to a current Stanford Law student, choosing to be a FAMST major was a bit difficult…

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Abel Contreras!!!

 Glitches be Trippin!!!   Project 1: First go at Glitchin’ Though I’m nowhere close to competency yet, this is my go at glitch art. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but I really like the fact that it is. You may notice that all the pictures have a kinda cutesy in tone. The reasoning behind that…

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Alexi Jones

G̶̢͍̈́L̷͑͜l̸̝̕T̴͈͗Ć̵͈͜H̸̫͗̿ ̵͙̚̕ A̷͍̘͠R̶̪̙͆T̵̞͚͐̂ ̷̂ͅ G̶̱̠͌O̶̤̿͂E̵͈͐͘S̴̢̊̈́ ̸͍̉ Ḧ̵̦̳́̍È̴̘͇Ṟ̴̗̋E̷̛̛̞   Original 20 pictures unedited https://ucsb.box.com/s/l7cskkogkxpmebcu0wlixzxi8vyrrr6i Reading Response Week 2: Barker and Zizek The Barker article, Aesthetics of the Error: Media Art, the Machine, the Unforseen, and the Errant, talks about Bruno Munari’s Useless Machines, and that immediately reminded of a larger scale version, Theo Jansen’s Wind Powered Sculptures. They…

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Matt Hancock

Glitch’d Photos:                   Week 2 reading response: Reading these weeks articles really put glitch art into perspective for me. In Tim Barkers piece he outlines the history and emergence of glitch art by reflecting on process artist. These are artists in which the emphasis of their work…

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Laurel Christman

  3D Glitching A Spaceship??? A Pear??? A ?????? No, ITS BAYMAX!!!   Week 2 Reading– The difference in the writing styles is polar opposite, Zizek is very informal, and he writes as if he is having a conversation with us. It’s almost as if he is on stage in front of us, giving us…

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Life’s a GLITCH, I’m just playing in (and with) the pixels… “[T]he machine, after being built by human hands, is itself creative.” – Tim Barker “[E]rror as an aesthetic device” (44) – Tim Barker The images shown below were results of computer malfunctions (mostly, intentional malfunctions) which produced theses varied and, arguably, artistic images. By creating errors within…

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Xinyi Wu

My photos: https://ucsb.box.com/s/wr3x813okfya2wdch5yusmonuxuqehbi The Parrot The Golden Gate Bridge The Brooklyn Bridge NYC The Starry Night in MOMA   Reading response in Week 2 In the reading,“Aesthetics of the Error: Media Art, the Machine, the Unforeseen, and the Errant”, Tim Barker gives a lot of examples in computer, music and art areas about glitch works. The…

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Daniel Gold

Quavo (Error 2) Quavo (2nd try- mapping) Quavo (Code error) Travis Scott (Coding error) Travis Scott (Line Sorting) Kanye’s College Dropout (Color crusher)

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