Queer Error

Chad Parkhill and Jessica Rodgers argue that queer individuals were seen or portrayed to be as glitch in society as they did not fit the expected norm. By saying that queer people are glitches creates a misinterpretation that begins to form new stereotypes and rejections begin to arise which only brings upon harm to many. Multiple raids were undertaken in queer bars as many would have rather gotten rid of people that were different but fortunately enough for the queer community they gathered and began fighting back. The oppression that they received for being different was not unique as history has shown that people who are deemed as different or in this case, in a sense glitched, must be corrected to follow the norm. The queer community took this misinterpretation if a glitch and used it to their benefit and as most fights, it took a while to actually make some progress. However as they began to protest and fight back on a social level this supposed glitch was seen in a not so negative light. I see this to be how all glitches are to be. Glitches are made to seem negative and as a flaw but the only importance that a glitch brings is the difference and uniqueness that comes along. History has shown that being different from the norm can be oppressed but in the end man of the glitches and differences become part of the norm as people begin to accept and even embrace changes developing throughout their environment.


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Glitch Paper Treatment


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3D Glitch

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