For our group project, we came to the concluding ideas without many problems. Our decision-making process was cohesive and fairly straightforward. Some of the ideas I pitched to the rest of the team were quickly built upon with the agreement and we were able to think of the final project pretty quickly. I didn’t want to implement every single idea I had personally so I was open to what the rest of the team brought to the table. Collectively, we were able to come to a consensus to illustrate various global and political issues accompanied with strange and comical representations of pop culture and modern-day media. To do this, our team and I will divide out the work in creating a video/short film compiled with various visual and audio components. Glitching together visuals clips of things such as political events, environmental disasters and current issues, and popular cultural representations.

With as much buzz that generates in response to the chaos of today’s politics it only feels fitting to represent the manner with a mocking and derogative theme. In addition to the chaos, it seems that whichever side or party individuals associate themselves with are no better than the opposing. In every political manner, whether democrat or republican, both parties lash out at one another in hope for coming out on top. The mere fact that the drive to beat the other side becomes more and more important than the actual views and beliefs of a particular party entices me to believe it’s become a corrupt system. The process of how politicians go about competing against one another while attempting to meet the needs of their audience can lead to broken truths and unfinished tasks. To illustrate these problems, I thought it could be interesting to take individual audio clips from presidential or political speeches and combine their vocals into something else. It was also an idea from our team to contrast opposing viewpoints from each political party. Whether that be someone like Obama and his push for a certain topic followed by someone like Trump to clash opinions, the back and forth will hopefully illustrate the ‘unending battle’ feel in deciding on appropriate solutions to political concerns. By chopping up the political ‘lyrics’ to our video I feel that it ironically shows how the individuals we choose to represent us can say almost anything in front of the public and we still eat it up. Their words and perceived motives can often be so skewed from their true intent yet the public takes it as true. Although this kind of editing with vocals from outside excerpts and chopping them up has been done before, I think the actual pieces we glitch together will keep our message and illustration unique.

The other major topic we plan to illustrate goes along the lines of environmental and world pollution. Visually speaking, we will be pulling footage from online of natural disasters, corrupt environmental business, and anything further relevant to the matter. Mixing in the glitching techniques we have learned, in class in addition to the previous skills that our team has, will bring to life the ‘trippy’ and obscure nature of what glitch can do. Some of the initial ideas were color changing and pixel sorting/data moshing effects – specifically for the environmental visuals. I think making these parts of the video exceptionally strange will help illustrate our point of the ‘movement into a new environment.’ We’re living in an era with almost unpredictable and uncontainable changes regarding the planet. The consumption of goods and disposal of waste from everyday human life is continuously breaking new limits. The resources we consume from the planet may or may not be crucially affected but until society figures out what exactly the problems will be for the future, we are left in a state of unknown. This is unsettling, to say the least for me personally, but simultaneously inspires me creatively in attempting to think of what this could look like. I think representations of environmental setting with altered colors, abstract glitching effects, and glitched sounds effects can get viewers on the edge of their seat. For sound effects, I think sampling stuff on our own from being outside or finding audio clips online and completely distorting them will accompany the visuals well.

Along with the controversial aspects of political and environmental systems, we wanted to illustrate the evolution of culture. To do this I had the idea of flashing clips of old cartoons, pop culture icons, or even objects of pop culture all glitched and pieced together in a chronological manner. I feel that planting these in between the political and environmental issues not only lightens the overall mood of the message we’re trying to get across but also highlights how far as a society we have come. With the birth of the internet all the way back to the first telephone call, the way society obtains and processes information is ever-changing. This phenomenon never ceases to amaze me – people will literally do anything to get the information they need. With search engines now serving as the lifeblood for online information, I’m excited to see what our team comes up with for illustrating how the vast pool of internet content shapes human communication and knowledge. It’s almost frightening to think how quickly information spreads because of this new technology but also exciting in terms of how accessible things have become. The possibility to illustrate pop culture for this project could be limitless but I we will curate a selection of clips and audio files for specific icons. The icons will collectively be related to the political and environmental illustrations we choose to include, but also serve as comical filler content to make fun of the more serious issues brought to surface.

My role personally for the project will be helping with visual and audio selection for the video but primarily as an editor. I enjoy video editing almost to the point of obsession so I was happy to step up and offer to take on the role. I think everyone will end up wearing a few different hats in the process of putting the whole thing together but establishing roles before we start will help with organizing and coordinating the workload. Per usual with most video work I do outside of school, there’s always revisions and revisions and more revisions. With this said I’m open to what the rest of my team will offer insight and new ideas as the project evolves. I think this could go almost anywhere after we start but with the mood board we’ve put together I believe our ideas are cohesive for the message we are wanting to show our audience. In presenting our video, simply viewing it on the overhead displays will suffice. Given the resources and materials we have in the editing lab, I think we can put together a piece that will entice viewers to put some attention toward the controversial issues we are forced to deal with. Although the overall topic of this work will be somewhat derogative and pertaining to serious matters, I hope to be able to represent them in more of a satirical and creative manner. I’m intrigued to see what my team members and I are able to put together and even more excited to show everyone the final illustration of our take on these issues.

Week 5 Write Up

Nune’s articles, “Error, Noise, and Potential: The Outside of Purpose,” came across as fairly eye-opening in how error and the idea of glitch can be viewed. I realized that error acting as a tool for corrective purposes in a system rather than a binary matter as something wrong in need of being fixed is now an expired perspective. The article went on to discuss how there is almost a dire need for the recognition of errors in systematic processes. Their ability in illustrating the gap between the actual and expected performance of those systems bring insight to new perspectives and exactly how or why the fault took place. I think this ideology is huge for the progression and innovation within not only arts but all industries across the globe. Feedback in the form of malfunction (noise) allows for a continuing refining process. As an artist, that malfunction can lead to new ideas and alternative modes of expressing oneself. As a communication major, it’s been implanted in my studies that the noise disrupting the pathway from message to receiver holds a negative connotation because of its destructive purpose. After reading this article I think the idea of noise could now go both ways—destructive in nature but still able to spark reconstructive thought and idea.