Sound Glitch:


My sound glitch project is a combination of beats, glitch noises, and over lapping vocals. The beat is the main focus and then layers of vocal and noise tracks are laid on top. The first layer of sound is a track I found on Soundcloud called “Going Out With Your Friends Looking All Cute” by internetcrush. I added police sirens, male vocals, white noise, pieces from “Intro” by J. Cole, the voice of Lana Del Ray and other glitch effects. I chose to add the majority of glitch effects after the police sirens in order for the siren to create the initial “chaos”. To me, the male and female vocals then added meaning, which can by interpreted differently by each listener. I chose this picture of a girl flipping her hair up because it feels very free to me. The song matches by representing the idea that although mistakes are made and life can feel like a puzzle, freedom can be a state of mind. Here is the final product…

Final Project Moodboard:

Artist Statement:

My group’s final project will combine political speeches, social issues, and pop culture references. It seems as if today, our country is split. Based on the democratic system we live in, citizens have the right to participate in politics and often follow the examples of popular political leaders. Many people have turned against each other and the use of arguing is greater than the use of listening and understanding. Through multiple video and audio clips, our final product will be a glitch video that attempts to show corruption in our political systems, the divide of our country, and the effects of this nationally and globally. Videos will include political speeches and debates, global disasters, social issues, and current and past popular cartoons. The project as a whole will be those clips combined, overlapped, and distorted. These videos will have added glitch audio that will contain politician’s vocals combined with evolving pop music.

The video will also show the evolution of political systems. This evolution is small. As citizens have made great fleets, our government has not found a collective way to approach the many problems we still face. The problem with politics lies in the root of politics itself. According to the Oxford Dictionary, politics can be defined as “the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power”. The creation of political parties has systematically created a divide between people. Rather than being concerned with the well being of our planet and our people, politics has created a platform for people to disagree with each other for the sake of disagreeing. The notion of power drives people to try to “win” under any circumstances. We as a country, and arguably as a globe, tend to lose sight of fighting for what is mutually beneficial and opt to fight so one side can have power over the other. In politics there is often a loss of values for the gain of power. By combining political and global issues videos with pop culture references, the message will be conveyed that as politicians continue to fight each other for power, the issues they are claiming to fix are still present and they continue to act like the childish characters we see on television. Our country is evolving technologically and socially, but politically we are still fighting like cats and dogs.

Artistically, this project combines political systems with social issues to show how political corruption effects American ideals and disrupts global peace and equality. Although we live in a political system that is allowing of free speech and democracy, we as citizens are often persuaded by our governments and forced into fitting specific molds. As much as we may feel free, we are not. Held back by laws, regulations, and a central social ideology, people are fighting to gain control of their own lives. Although political systems are set in place to keep our country safe, they are often favoring a specific part of the population and can sometimes have the opposite effect of safety. Our project strives to unveil these inconsistencies and show the duality that exists in our political system. The combination of political and social videos, along with glitched audio, will reveal the separation and constant controversy  that exists in our country. The effects globally of this separation will also be shown.

Once the videos and audio come together, they will convey the message of conflict and evolution with a satirical tone. The video will make fun of the power system in America. Politicians are fighting back and forth and are seemingly too prideful to come together with their opposing side to do what is right for people with little or no power. Although our country has made giant leaps forward, it is like a superhero with schizophrenia, unable to decide which voice to listen to and overall power, but conflicted. Our video will convey the idea that we as a country have somewhat lost our value of togetherness and gained the value of power. There cannot be consensus where there is conflict. The political system we experience is in constant back and forth over who has the power, which goes against our humanistic instincts to work together. It is somewhat ironic that the main thing that brings citizens together politically is protests. Our video “makes fun” of the circles politicians tend to go in. Through showing the evolution of politics we can see that there is a theme of strategic decisions to gain power. A politician’s goal is to make policy and campaign to better their country, however it seems they often lose sight of the end goal and get stuck in arguing about how to get there. Fighting the other side has become a norm, and the pop culture references in our video will also show this divide and be reflective of the values of our country socially.

Our video will be glitch because it is representative of the first rule in the Glitch Manifesto that “the dominant, continuing search for a noiseless channel has been – and will always be – no more than a regrettable, ill-fated dogma” (Menkman, 11). This rule presents the idea that humans are in search of perfection, which is unattainable. There will always be error or noise, in many products, processes, and mediums of communication. Our project represents a glitch in media and a glitch in the political system, which leads to an overall glitch in our society. Both sides of political arguments stand behind a side that they believe is the correct answer for a proposed issue. The glitch occurs when the end goal of finding a solution to a problem is interrupted by argument and misinterpretation. The error in this system leads to error in society. We are all human and we all make mistakes, but the greatest mistake is believing that mistakes are avoidable. Error in a system should we a warning sign that something needs fixing. To me, our project will show that rather than being one-sided, it is beneficial to see things from all perspectives knowing no perspective is perfect, understand the importance of making mistakes, and work together to fix those mistakes. What may seem like a perfect system may not be perfect at all; and perfect is overrated. Our project makes visible the invisible glitches that often occur in politics and society, showing politics and the evolution of pop culture in a new light.

My part in this project will be finding political, social, and pop culture related videos.These videos will consist of presidents speeches, political debates, natural disasters, protests, natural disasters, social problems videos, and socially relevant cartoons. These will be edited together in chronological order to represent the passing of time and create a visual for the evolution of politics and social issues. I will also help with the visual editing. The audio clips will consist of political leader’s voices and music that matches the time periods of the video clips which will allow music to parallel the evolution of politics. The combination of audio and visuals of political leaders, controversial issues, and pop culture references will come together to present our satirization of politics.
Sources: Menkman, Rosa (2011). “Glitch Studies Manifesto,” The Glitch Moment(um), p. 11.

Week 5 Blog Post:

“Noise Floor: Between Tinnitus and Raw Data”

This excerpt discusses how new work has been and is being created due to “failure” in technology; and sounds that are often seen as signs of glitch or failure are being incorporated into music and sound production, thus giving these sounds new meaning. I enjoyed the discussion of the progressive rendering of musical communication. As music communication has shifted from vinyl record to digital downloads, there is an increased invisibility of the medium and an increased focus on the content itself. I personally have always found the sound of a vinyl record more attractive. This is because of the authenticity of the sound and the feeling that work went into the music. There is something so real and so human about a vinyl skipping, which I think is something many people would be upset by. Many humans do not handle imperfection well. We often notice the difference between musical sound and noise, and view the two as separate. Musical sound is given meaning and often serves as a medium for or trigger of emotional expression. Noises, clicks, and glitches can serve as indicators that something is wrong and instead of accepting error as a part of life, it is instinctual to fix what is seemingly broken. Glitch allows us to find the balance between error and control, which leads us to develop a new balance between technology and art. Overall, more often than not, we as a society are taught to learn from our mistakes as so they are not repeated. I am intrigued by this new idea (or at least new to me) that mistakes and error can form paths that act as new ways of doing things and can be added into forms of art and technology.

Glitch 3D – work in progress:

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Photo from Lincoln 3D Scans

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