Final Assignment:  

Here’s the final product of the datamosh project! This is my first time using premiere so I experimented with the frame sizes and the rotation tools to create an aesthetic look. Hope you enjoy!:

My Glitched Video

On the Parkhill and Russell Article:

When reading the articles, “Queer Error” and “The Glitch Feminism Manifesto”, a common motif was introduced, stating that glitch is a happy accident. As proposed in “The Glitch Feminism Manifesto”, the glitch makes us wait for what we want and cannot have. With this particular article, the glitch is described as an entity similar to an orgasm, explaining that the system is overwhelmed and signals a response for over-stimulation. It was fascinating that the author compared the glitch to a sexual response because they are both produced from different platforms, one being the motherboard and one being the human body. The connection between the body and the computer is an interesting one as they are interfaces designed to do different tasks, and nowadays one cannot live without the other. As humans, we love to label things and since we rely on technology so immensely, when an error happens we freak out and call it a glitch. Although a glitch can be viewed as a response for overstimulation, the article, “Queer Error”, discusses how homosexuality is embedded as a glitch within our society. Parkhill depicts that being gay should be embraced as a response to the natural biology of a person, and that it is not something we should look down upon but instead accept natural preferences towards the opposite sex. To a more extreme level, the glitch is viewed as an evil entity attempting to thwart the users plans in using a structured interface. Acceptance with glitch and the motifs explained in the articles portray a sense of close mindedness when it comes to societies general views of these topics. From orgasm to homosexuality, glitch should not be negatively characterized as something that what we want to avoid, we should instead examine it for what it is and embrace the qualities within the “error”.

Sound Project:

Acoustic Guitar

Glitched Version

Final Project Perspective from the Artist (Midterm):

Our main focus in this group project is to try to convey a political and/or controversial global issue and putting it into a cynical or comical sense. Our team is striving for a sense of humor with correlation to Presidential Figures. We discussed that for our video we will utilize a series of montage clips from our presidents (Trump, Obama, Al Gore, etc.) to create a sense of visual and auditory diversity to keep the viewer intrigued. Presidents will be a good use for our video because they usually bring up these global issues in campaigns and congress meetings which our group can extract and to make our own artwork. With this assignment, we are trying to push our creative talents to the next level by utilizing famous figures in an offensive way. By implementing various clips from leaders, I think will create a an interesting visual dynamic as well as an overall interesting interpretive motif which is intended to catch the viewer off-guard. Since people from all across our country constantly argue issues such as global warming, economic inequity and other great problems facing our country, we thought it would be awesome to create an almost taboo project that replaces sincerity with humor. Based how it had all of us laugh while coming up with new ideas, our group had no immense challenges coming up with this concept of humoring political issues because it grasped everyone’s immediate interest. We were thinking of chopping words they say into funny phrases that a political figure would never normally vocalize in a public setting. We also agreed that it would be hilarious to add a crowd clapping after a derogatory or taboo comment that one of the Presidents say. This would add a sense of validation regarding the false statements that we will construct through the usage of montage.

How we developed this idea stemmed from the observation that art shouldn’t always be deep and sincere. We agreed that art could also contain simplistic qualities of comedy that will make the audience enjoy themselves instead of worry about what the piece is trying to represent. For example, we talked about the creativity implemented in videos from the YouTube mocking presidential sayings, chopped up into vocals for lyrics of a song or even derogatory statements. Through the progression of the creative design of our final project, we touched on the fact that our artwork could still present that overtime the progression of our global issues lead to complicating the dynamic of our society and culture. We hope to achieve a balance between humor and message by carefully choosing clips from Presidents found from the internet while extracting important motifs through their speech and general understood world problems. By doing this, it will become a fun process for us to make the film as well as learn from the general critique of our classmates to execute it better in the future (need be). Although an open ended project can be daunting for most, our group is facing the challenge head on as our limitless restrictions in the assignment allow for encouragement in regards to new creative ideas in how to master our final piece. I’m glad that my classmates were all on the same page with the same interpretive outlook on how the project should feel and what it should convey because group discussion can be partially chaotic when trying to agree upon a particular theme or idea. The biggest challenge most groups can have is being too constrained to other individuals ideas while not receiving the chance to convey their own outlook. Collaboration can be tough but is ultimately necessary to strengthen and build upon one’s ideas.

This project represents the ideologies behind glitch because it replicates a remix from work that was done prior to us transforming it into something else. For instance, someone was paid to film, edit and finalize the overall look of what is being broadcasted to the American Public. This particular filming style demonstrates a professional appearance as the information from these powerful individuals are closely observed, both visually and verbally. So in terms of glitch, our team will rework the presentation of this particular found footage and reconstruct the total structure of these clips. Although the glitch can be viewed as an error, we will purposely reassemble these videos so that it conveys a new playful display through creative production reconstruction making it a recreation from its original intent of being sincere and directly informative. Another element that will cause this project to be categorized as glitch is the motif behind the footage’s original aim. Even though some of themes the Presidents talk about relate to our groups core message, we will convey these themes in a different and non traditional manner in order to grasp the attention of our classmates. This project is going to be challenging yet fun, but I personally think the most complicated aspect of the our final is going to be strategizing ways in which we can find valuable clips from the internet. In order to be successful in this portion, it will take some time to scavenge the videos needed to have our project look great, but considering that the group’s overall motivation to execute our vision is legitimate, I’m not too concerned we’ll have many drawbacks. Overall, I am confident in my teammates ability, as well as my own, to polish and remake these videos into one that is more entertaining and visually compelling to watch for all audiences.

What I’ll learn from this project is a new creative approach to the artistic process of reworking something that has already been created. I have done colleges and remixes in the music field, but I am less experienced with the world of video reworking and general editing. However, I am nevertheless excited to broaden my horizon in the artistic field by remixing videos and recreating them for a as a new visual medium. I am not too savvy with editing software so that portion of the final makes me slightly nervous, but there are members of my group with experience who can help me if I become overwhelmed. My main thing that I want to contribute to the group is my ability to make electronic music. As a background component that will compliment and enhance the feel of the project, it could be a really neat element to add. However, we are still discussing if this is a viable necessity for the final, and as we approach editing and come close to wrapping it up, we will collectively decide if it will work. The only complicating factor in adding music would be deciding the tone and feel that it would have to appropriately accompany the final product. If the juxtaposition between the music and the visual (as well as the verbal) components don’t match, then the project’s elements can collide and could have the potential to alter the flow of the presentation. The open-endedness of this Final allows for students to freely break down and create a new medium stemming from an original work using their imagination and creativity. As a group we are excited to go big with this assignment.

Heres the link to my photos!

Assignment 2:

When reading “Aesthetics of the Error”, I was very intrigued about the points the author makes in relationship to the glitch being a beautiful medium. The attraction towards the art of the error derives from a unforseen process by the artist. With the example of Walther and his ruined collage gave me perspective that sometimes artwork is best if it is manipulated by natural forces. As a college student, we like to control the creative process as it presents our own unique touch and displayal of our imagination, but when introduced to the glitch, many of us are often overwhelmed. This article was fantastic because it brought a new perspective on how there is beauty in things we can’t particularly control (hence the glitch). The analogy that stuck out to me in particularly was: the seed never knows the shape of its tree as it is manipulated by the external environment as well as its intrinsic attributes.
In the article, “The Subversive Use of Theory”, Zizek describes the ecology of the disappearance of fundamental questions. We are taught to think less radically and more linearly, and in relationship to the concept of the glitch, the medium becomes interesting as it challenges the artistic process in a new way. It does this by generating a new form in an artwork that was not initially intended by the artist but instead is created by the computer as a perceived malfunction in its processing. Our society is not used to asking fundamental questions about the outside world because we are conditioned to embrace cultural norms and narrow our perception of present day issues. In conclusion, both articles highlight the power of the glitch as a source of not only recreation, but as a way to expand what we know about art and the power of the individual and the impact of the unforeseen process.

Assignment 3:

Both articles peaked my interest because they mutually discuss the attraction towards glitch as a violation of a systematic society. In Nunes article, he discusses the discord glitch causes in our society as a disruptive force that must be noticed and negated. He brings in politics which I thought was a bit of a stretch but fairly interesting. Where he really caught my eye was with the discussion of the National Defense Research because this is more relevant in my eyes, due to the fact that the military concentrates on precision and accurate means to provide protection and defence. This is definitely more of a objective approach in defining a glitch in society because it examines glitch as an error instead of an artform, obstructing just systems implemented in our culture. Contrasted to the Krapp article, “Noisefloor” talks about the beauty of glitch breaking down specified systems in music and noise which can actually encourage creative means. For a person such as myself who produces electronic music, glitches are actually very common in different frequency clashes along with diverse external plugins. Dubstep actually originated from creating glitch modulations in wave forms to give the sound a more powerful and monstrous vibe. In my personal opinion, I love Krapp’s article way more than Nunes’s because he takes a more creative approach in admiring the glitch for what it is instead of negatively con-notated it as an error. Both articles however are relevant to the class because they portray the perceived duality of the glitch in different forms and cultural mediums.

Rice Krispy’s
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Budweiser Can

Sourin Drop

Monkey Glitched

Monkey Glitched with Line Sorting