Link to my DataMosh Video Project:

Using Avidemux I managed to do a P Frame Data Mosh. This was challenging as the programme easily crashed and so this short video took a while to make. I exported this from the VLC player and it dropped some frames in the process which gave me this end product. I haven’t touched the original audio but it seemed to get messed with alongside the video, I liked that the line “I’ll surely freeze to death” was left in as it has an unintended double meaning along with the freezing of the frames. 

The original video was two adaptations of Thumbelina. The first was uploaded onto YouTube by Geethanjali and the second one was by Lotte Reiniger. I thought this had the potential to become somewhat creepy through glitching a fairytale and the Lotte Reiniger puppet silhouettes but I think a lot of its impact was lost in exporting the files. 

Link to a test video for the final project:

Messed around in TextEdit to create different glitches in the image of my painting (this was actually an image of my paint mixing bowl which I thought looked cool unintentionally) and then played through the different glitched images in final cut to create this.

We have decided to use a different method for the final which was more effective. 

Link to Avidemux Installation:

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Link to my glitch soundscape:

This is my first attempt at any form of music/sound producing, for this project I experimented  with effects and edits to see what happens. I discovered that I enjoy the effects of layering sounds on top of each other that varied ever so slightly in pitch, I also liked the sound when it repeats quickly. This was inspired by a line sorted picture of the Golden Gate Bridge that I took in San Francisco. I wanted to manipulate the song through loud and unpleasant noises of the city that I captured on my trip as the original song depicts the city to be otherwise. 

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Week 5 Reading Response: 

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Tim Barker - Aesthetics of Error

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