My name is Bryam Aguilar. I am a Film and Media Studies student at the University of California Santa Barbara. In the the spring of 2016 I was involved in a class titled Film and Media Studies 109GA- Glitch Art Production. In this class I learned to work with a variety of different programs to produce glitch art.

Blog Posts

Aside from production, we also learned about the concept of glitch art through scholarly works by artists such as Rosa Menkman. Through readings about glitch art, I was able to formulate my own ideas and opinions on the field and did so through a variety of blog posts throughout my time in the class.

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What Do I Consider Art

Prior to learning about Glitch art, I already had a preconceived notion of what I considered art and here is a key example of this.

I feel that this video is an exceptional work of art because of the unique manner in which it was shot and edited. The video makes a clear reference to the roots of house music in places like Chicago in the 1970s even though this video was made just last year. I think this style is one that has not been seen in while and I find it very aesthetically pleasing. The song is also amazing.


2D Glitch Example

One of my first encounters with glitch art production included the use of Processing and text edit to create 2D visual glitches. Here I took and image and used a variety of techniques to alter the original images as seen in the examples that I include below.

Image Acquisition:

3D Glitch Effects

Another method of glitching that I also became familiar with was 3D glitch using Blender. Here I took a 3D model altered vertices and faces through text edit to glitch a 3D lego man. I include the original model as well as various glitches of that model that I was able to produce.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.37.03 AM

Audio Glitch

I also learned and produced audio glitch. For this particular project I downloaded the mp3 format of some scenes from the original star wars film. Afterward, I cut out soundbites from the scene and added them as effects on my DJ controller. After that I found two free remixes of songs from Star Wars and put them into my DJ software titled, Djay Pro by Algorriddim. I started by just mixing the songs as I would with any song but then I began adding effects and incorporating the soundbites into my mix. I ended up doing about 5 different mixes and landed on this one. I was trying capture the star wars aesthetic merged with glitch and I felt that this accurately portrayed what I had in mind.

Sequence Glitch

I was later able to mix audio glitch that I produced with video editing.

For this assignment I found a bunch of clips from Star Wars a new hope and decided to piece them together on Adobe Premiere. I used the song that I glitched and sampled about 40 seconds from it. I made sure the sequence coincided with the sounds of the song and I feel that this is clearly expressed through the build up and drop. I feel that this sequence added a more humorous vibe to the song and I am personally happy with the result.


As part of the final assignment for 109GA I was able to combine all of the skills that I gained throughout the class and create a final project that we installed and showcased at an art show as part of a film festival at UCSB titled Reel Loud Film Festival.


For full details on the exhibition click here.