This page hopefully holds documentation of my growth as I continue to learn more and more about glitch art and its production. Always a work in progress!

Links to assignments for this course can be found below in chronological order, starting with the first assignments listed on top:

Vimeo Page and Selected Art

Image Acquisitions

In Class Assignment 1:

Text Edit and Voxel Mapping of a photo from the Malmo Festival:malmö fest copy.jpg


Line Sorting of a photo of my sister:dena copy_552.jpg

Assignment 2: 3D Glitch

Tutorial 1: Original .blend file:rotatedcube.png

Glitched file:rotatedcubeglitch1.png

Tutorial 2:



Soundscape Assignment:

Lund Market.JPG

Midterm Assignment

Project Treatment

To see more 2D image glitch art, visit the NintenGlitch pages 1 and 2.