Sequence Video:

I created this video sequence with the footage I took when I went to Sterns Wharf in downtown Santa Barbara. The footage is of a boat arriving at the harbor masked through footage of a field of grass near the Devereux Slough behind the UCSB Sierra Madre apartments. In order to achieved the desired effects I distorted the RBG levels of the videos as well as slow down significantly the speed of the video. Towards the end I incorporated a montage of still images of an artwork of mine that resembled a masked face. The audio was a song titled “The Dead Flag Blues” by Godspeed You Black Emperor, slowed down and cut up with a consistent repetition of the phrase “curtain is drawn” which then is gradually slowed down.

Glitch Music Assignment:

The reason why I paired up  the sound I made with this particular image is because I was looking out the window (the glitched image) all night while I wrote a paper I was working on. Throughout the night I kept thinking “Not enough Coffeee” the title of the song.


3D Assignment:

Not quite sure what I did…

numero 2.png



Assignment 2: 


Storke Tower 



View Outside My Apt. 




Beach View

oc copy_crushed_244_crushed_303.jpg




Link to YouTube Page:

Assignment 1: Interesting Video 

The video starts off by giving a small introduction of the whole premises of the video. Which essentially is that although deaf people can’t “hear” music, they can, to some degree “feel” it, either through vibration or simply reflecting upon the movements and enjoyment of others.
I really like the video not only because of the message. But also the manner in which its shot.
I appreciate the moments of focus and out of focus combined with the lighting which gives depth to the video. And not to mention the audio which similarly complements the idea of depth by fading in and out; fluctuating when necessary and emphasizing varying degrees of loudness.
Image Acquisition Assignment:

These pictures mainly consist of times when I’ve gone out for a walk and generally enjoyed nature. The others are a mixture of pictures I would like to glitch in one way or another.