“Why do you stay in prison, when the door is so wide open?”  -Rumi


 Hello! My name is Hailey & this page is dedicated to my Glitch Art.

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Image Acquisition
These are images I have selected to manipulate, due to their personal connections to my life and their aesthetic components.

Manipulator- Ty Segall
This is a link to a music video by one of my favorite garage-rock musicians, Ty Segall. I thought this was one of the most brilliant music videos I have ever seen due to its incorporation of interactivity.  The viewer does not just watch the video, but actively participates by clicking different parts of the frame in order to change the images.  Furthermore, both the song and the album are titled ‘Manipulator’, so the music video’s form matches the overarching theme of the album, and turns the listener/viewer into the Manipulator themselves.  This links to glitch art in that the control is in the viewer’s hands, which allows them to transform the original video as they wish.  However, there are still constraints in the scope of manipulation possible due to the vision and design of the director Matt Yoka and the designer/coder Simon Wiscombe.

~My Glitches~

3D skull glitch created with Blender:skullglitch1

Soundscape Glitch: ‘The Life of Pablo’ – Chopped & Screwed 

For my soundscape I chose to deconstruct and reinvent the album The Life of Pablo by Kanye West, who is one of my favorite artists.  I dissected every song and collected my favorite parts, then created one mix that encompasses everything I like about this album that I’ve listened to countless times.  What makes this glitch relevant is how Kanye dismantled the traditional distribution model of the music industry through the way he took advantage of streaming.  When the album first dropped, he streamed it exclusively rather than selling digital copies.  During this period of time, no one was able to download the album (legally), so Kanye continued to tweak it and change parts of different songs after its release.  The album became a living art piece, and I would notice the slight changes he made as I listened to it non-stop.  Kanye finally decided to unleash The Life of Pablo for download, but different versions of each song still exist in the deep Internet and display the evolution of the work.  Through this glitch I continued the dismantling of the original work in the compression of parts that I like into one, and the exclusion of others, in the same manner as Kanye when he changed his mind about the original release. I also glitched the album art, which already incorporates glitch into its design through the repetition of text that becomes slightly off-kilter.


My Sequence:

Project Mood Board:

moodboard co-op

Blog Posts:

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