A looped sequence of both dynamic and static images depicting the deconstruction of hegemonic video game ideology manufactured by Nintendo”

 By: Bryam Aguilar & Catherine Dao

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Nintendo is a video game brand with greater longevity than other brands like Atari and Sega. The brand as advertised to be family-friendly, and thus mass appealing and mass consumed- so much so that major characters of games are easily recognized and heavily featured throughout popular culture.

Our intention is to challenge the audience’s preconceived notions about video games they have certain associations with, such as the childhood nostalgia and advertisement sentiments sold to them.

UPDATE: Post-Reel Loud Installation – June 1, 2016

On May 27th, 2016, NintenGlitch was exhibited at Reel Loud, the UCSB silent film festival in its art gallery section outside of Campbell Hall. The installation included a trifold featuring a multitude of static glitched images and a monitor featuring a video sequence.

Below are the images used on the trifold  in the installation. The original photos pre-glitch will link to their source:

Nintendo Images:


res_34104_nintencc copy 2.jpgres_34104_nintencc copy

Pokemon Images:

plogo.png   plogo cc_554.png

logo logocolor cc

BrightPikachu.png     DimPikachu.png



better.jpg bettercc.jpg betterdg.jpg

BlueGreen BlueGreenCC BlueGreenDG

bulbs.png bulbsdg.png bulbsdg cc.png

cynda cynda cc cynda dg cc

orange orange cc orange cc dg cc

green green cc green dg

Pikachu pikachute pikachudg

“The Legend of Zelda Glitch Sequence” by Bryam Aguilar

Gitch Pokeball.jpg

“Glitch Pokeball” by Bryam Aguilar

A 3D glitch of an iconic item in the Pokemon games.



Part 2 -Continuation of NintenGlitch