Being new to the programming game, glitch art was a mystery to me, and a confusing one at that. As this class went on, the process of glitching got much easier and more exciting. This page shows my progress: illustrating my growth as an artist in finding my voice and expanding my skill.

Click these links to read my thoughts on glitch art!!

assignment 1

vimeo account:

cool artwork: (tried uploading it but the file was not supported)

Team Lab is an artist that I saw at a gallery in Palo Alto, CA. They focus on 3d technology, emphasizing how technology can expand art. Utilizing sound, lights, heat sensors, and reflections, each piece elicits a different feeling and tells its own story.


assignment 2

pictures that I took, like, had someone take of me.


My first attempt to glitch




————————————————————————–Tiki Trip

This is my dog Tiki. For those of you that don’t know him, he’s great and freaking adorable.  Click the link below to get a taste of what is going on inside Tiki’s mind in this picture:


I was bored last night and decided to start working on the group project. I started glitching some pics, pics i would both use for my project and just for fun. I thought they came out kind of cool so I thought I would post it!

final project glitches for sex on display