Project Name: Weeds
Project Members: Michael Orosco, Cameron Terry
Logline: Witness the development of industry and the threat that it poses to our planet and nature. 



Using composting software our plan is to attach images of industry and urbanization being glitched into nature. The sight of a nuclear power plant appearing in a valley full of flowers in the mountains creates a strong enough contrast that raises questions of ethics of destroying our natural environment for industrial gain.

We plan on using glitch art as an effective tool in communicating our message in a stronger sense. Although many reports are released concerning the condition of the environment,we believe the most effective are the ones that are visual. Visual elements are much more effective at producing results that stun and shock the audience. Our goal is that these images will have a profound and lasting effect on the viewers,causing them to think about the state of the environment long after seeing the art.

Our project is labeled Weeds. We chose this name for many reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is that our project has to do with nature. Our project strongly focuses on nature and how it is being affected by the development of industry and the expansion of urban development. Weeds are common among nature for being considered unwanted and a nuisance.  They overtake their surroundings and keep other things from growing. Usually these plants are seen as destructive and a eye sore. Similarly, one can make the comparison that industry is just another form of weeds that is invading nature. The hope is that big industry will be seen not as positive growth for humans, in the form of houses,shops, and ease of living, but rather see these new buildings as destroying the natural life and creating something harmful to the planet. Our glitch will attempt to make the viewer see how our actions as a species directly influence our planet. Industry and technological expansion are seen as helpful to all mankind, but we plan to show how destroying our planet harms us more than it helps us. Humanity and nature are not two separate entities, our fates are linked.

Our plan is to include shots of natural environment and then violently contrast that with static and images of industry. We will do this using montages and layering images on top of one another. This glitching in and out will display a before and after of the fields and how they are being affected by industry. We also plan on distorting colors and going with a sepia tone to give the video a old timey effect that brings back feeling of nostalgia and childhood. We chose to do this to give the image a somewhat glitchy quality already that would create a uneasy feeling as opposed to just a straight image. Our biggest challenge will be to get a clean image of a power plant or industrial looking building to create a composited image with a natural looking backdrop to simulate the takeover of nature. We hope that this technique will create an effect similar to time lapse when quick cuts are used to juxtapose these images.

In addition we will use sound to convey an overall eerie feel. By creating a soundscape using construction noises we hope that this will accent the images used along with it. We will take various construction sounds and other sounds of industry and slow them down creating a slow and dramatic song. By making the song out of construction sounds,we are showing off the different possibilities of music and sound scapes and how these sounds affect the viewer’s reception of the image. Our hopes are that our soundscape will enhance the visual element and produce a result that is much stronger than without sound.

The piece is most likely going to be a representation of the facade placed in front of us all on a daily basis. How we tear back the false visage of nature to reveal the true nature behind human expansion and growth. The statement being made is not that expansion and technological development is necessarily a bad thing, but it is meant to make the viewer question why things are the way they are. Why do we hurt the planet? Why do we pretend that we as a species have no influence on our environment? The piece will most likely be played on a loop, on a DVD, because of this the piece will most likely end where it begins, with the image of nature, unglitched and high quality. Even if the piece is not presented on a loop, and requires the viewer to physically start the piece by pressing play, the ending could still be the same as the message does not change.


Reel Loud 2016

This project was presented at UCSB’s Reel Loud 2016 event on May 27, 2016 and won 3rd place in the Reel Loud art competition.

Other Locations for possible installations

Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Ojai Film Festival