Hello and welcome! My name is Will Huebner, I am a second year Film & Media Studies student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and this is my online portfolio of work that I completed during my time in Professor Laila Shereen Sakr’s FAMST 109GA: Glitch Art class. Please enjoy the works that I created in chronological order during the Spring quarter of the 2016 academic year by scrolling through this page from bottom to top. Thank you for visiting my page!



REEL LOUD FILM FESTIVAL 2016 Art Installation: Perception vs. Reality”

After many hours spent editing using Adobe Premiere, Fernando Perez and I are proud to present our UCSB Film & Media Studies 109GA: Glitch Art Class final project and Reel Loud Film Festival 2016 Art Installation: “Perception vs. Reality.” Our group would like to thank Professor Laila Shereen Sakr for exposing us to fascinating study and limitless possibilities of glitch art, as well the UCSB Film & Media Studies Department for putting on a wonderful film festival. Our final project can be viewed in its entirety by following the link embedded to “Perception vs. Reality” in the title.


Final Project: Moodboard

Following the link embedded to “Moodboard” will take you to a component of my final project’s pre-production treatment. This moodboard is a rough pre-visualization of what Fernando Perez and I hope our final product will look like.


Assignment – Sequence Glitch

My sequence glitch “Professionalism Glitch” was created solely in Adobe Premiere. I used footage I shot of UCPD officers during Isla Vista’s annual street festival “Deltopia” and randomly added and edited Premiere’s preset video effects to give the sequence a glitch-like aesthetic.


Assignment – Soundscape


I created this sound glitch by importing an audio track into Adobe Premiere and then editing the file sporadically. I segmented the file (looping segments occasionally) and then experimented with various audio effects such as distortion and chorus & flanger. In order to create the accompanying image, I imported a photo that I had taken and added a neon and pixelation filter to it to give the image a digital, Tron-esque aesthetic. Conceptually, I aimed to glitch an existing song in a way that made it apparent that the file had been tampered with, yet was still discernible as a track with lyrics pertaining to my image.


Assignment – 3D Glitch

This 3D glitch was created using the 3D modeling application “Blender.” In order to distort the dimensions of the cube, I exported the original model as a .txt file, edited the file’s text randomly by replacing and deleting values, and then finally re-importing the .txt file back to Blender.



Assignment – Photo Glitch

Some of my first attempts at creating glitch art. These glitches were created by importing the original files (included in my “Image Acquisition” assignment) into the coding application “Processor” and editing some of the preset values created by VJ Um Amel.




Below is a link to a series of photos I have taken and am excited to “break” for the sake of glitch art.

Image Acquisition Link


Introductory Assignment

The video I chose to share is “Winter is Trumping,” a parody mocking Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Whether you like Trump or not, he is an entertaining character in US politics right now and this video inserts him into the world of one of my favorite shows, Game of Thrones, masterfully. I think the video editing used to plant Trump’s face over those of the characters’ in the show is particularly creative and skillful, and as someone that finds the flood of political news coverage online soul-crushing, this video is a nice breath of fresh air.

Link to my YouTube channel here.



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