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Week 8 reading response

Both of those two essays talk about the application of glitch in some feminism art. Russel talked about the porn stars, sexual activity and sexual organ in media and glitch. He defines the glitch as the separation of the physical selves when participating in sexual activity online from the body that immerses itself in fantasy. The glitch stimulates us to be more and more adventurous because we desire it and we will seize our release. I agree with the point that glitch feminist acknowledges the value of visuality. I think no matter for female or male, glitch art is the exaggerated way to express one’s desire, especially for sex. Most people may packages or disguises in daily life. However, a glitch is the wonderful way to expose one’s willingness. In Parkhill’s article, he states that the glitch is similar to the queer body, which is forced to be invisible. For example, a lot of people has AIDS only know that they need to have safe sex but ignoring the weakness of medicine since the media conceal that. I support Parkhill’s opinion that the AIDS should not be regarded as the error to be camouflaged. Similar to the glitch, it should be invisible and let more and more people notice. I think those two articles both argue for the visuality of some sensitive topics through the glitch art. In order to make more people understand themselves and the environment well, they should know some invisible things. Glitch is the implicit and indirect way to make people know those stuff. In this case, the glitch is not a simple art, instead, it becomes the tool or a bridge  between people and truth. Those articles shape my deeply understanding of glitch art.


sound glitch 

This piece of glitch music is starting with peaceful music, which lead you to the sea in the starry night. And then, you close your eyes to relax. You imagine you are leaving the ground and flying into the sky. Then, you are dragged into the space, and see the alien. You are afraid at the beginning, but then you recognize that they are the same as you. They are friendly and lovely. You are living in the same starry night. Such a beautiful and peaceful world. And then you open your eyes.



Glitch is a complex and controversial word in the history. In the beginning, people found it unintentionally and regarded as the error in any subjects. In Baker’s article, he mentioned that Munari did not define machine’s routine first, then he found the unexpected output which is outside the machine’s preprogrammed routine, as the error. Suddenly, the error appeared in many areas and found by many artists. For example, Musician Ryoji Ikeda, and visual artist Tony Scott. When they found the mistake, they negated that and tried to fix at the first, since glitch objected traditional norm. It inspired me to the human thinking system. When people face the unknown stuff, the instinct reaction is rejection. Since that is against with own existing thinking. Then, It inspired me for the topic of the project. The Glitch is like “ The revolution”. In the modern society, there are millions of things happen every day. People will absorb a bunch of information potentially. However, based on one’s critical thinking, information will be divided as good and bad. People will filter the message automatically. The bad information is like the error. People will opposite first and express personal thinking. In this case, our group decided to let the presidents’ speech as the material. By making the comparison of president’s words, people will figure out the error and negation with their critical thinking. As Nunes says in his essay that “flows of information depends on how we entertain ourselves and participate in politics”.

In human thinking system, after a long time debating, people will be influenced unexpectedly, and try to accept the new thinking. Nunes also pointed out that error revealed everyday life played itself out within the equivocation. Glitch is the wonderful way to prove the fact that nothing is perfect in the world. Thus, in the project, we will also take global issues and environmental problems as materials to reveal the imperfection of the earth. For example, like glacial surge, earthquake and other natural disasters. Making with the glitch will strengthen the effect of those natural issues, and stimulating people’s thinking.

In people’s lives, the glitch forms part of the everyday experience of white noise in videos, broken files, or audio distortions. However, in my opinion, the Glitch is a unique word. It is the creation more than error. In art history, Glitch begins with Modernism, Abstract Art and flourished in the Dada period. Artists started to accept it in their subjects and even cause it on purpose. For example, in Baker’s article, he mentioned that Scott and Castro directed the machine toward a particular operation, and set the condition for error to emerge. The error became an aesthetic tool in the art making process, created a lot of outstanding artworks, and formed the DJ culture and remix culture. In this way, the project will mention several unique artworks in Cartoon, music and so on, both the video glitch and glitch sound. In Krapp’s article, the sound is divided into two groups, the noise, and the signal. The sound mixing with other sounds exclusively is called the noise, and the form of white noise is regarded as the signal. Krapp raises several principles to define and divide those two groups of sound. For example, lots of musicians used to make classical music and pop music before. The melody was made based on the traditional major scales and minor scales. In the electronic dance music, artists use many pieces of errors in music, remix many electronic sounds, and even repeat the simple lyrics again and again.
It is admitted that traditional music principles made sense. However, in the electronic dance music, all the noises and signals are remixed, and every piece is as the part of the sound. Thus, it is hard to define what is signal what is not. Both noise and signal are sound. They are the same in glitch sound, all depending on the listeners’ thinking, emotion and the surrounding environment. EDM really breaks the rules and principles and create the new genres. In the project, based on the strong beats and rhythms of EDM music, the glitch effect will be amazing, cooperating with the music. We are so excited to result in the magic show.

For the project, my group members and I want to present the comparison and the conflict. Using the glitch effect, editing with the existed videos and music. Remake with nature, global issues, music, and cartoon stuff. The idea is inspired by the readings and what we learned in this class. We all agree that the Glitch is a kind of change and rebellion, reflecting in every aspect of people’s live. Although we do have the conversation about the title of the project, I think “ The rebellion” is a good choice. Assume ourselves as the artists and creators, ignore some norms and rules and try to make the new stuff. Also, although my team members and I did not make detailed planning till now, I think the project will like the experimental video, letting the audiences to think with their own thinking, rather than present everything directly. Also all the materials, no matter the video or audios in every subject, will present with the remix culture, in order to make the comparison and strength the effect.

In my personal thinking, glitch Art is the unique art genre. For the other art movements or genres, finding and making the beauty is emphasized. No matter the sculpture or the painting, artists prefer to try their best to make the artwork perfectly. Nevertheless, the Glitch Art underlines the error and flaws, which I really appreciate. Despite people try their best to make themselves or surrounding environment becoming flawless, there is nothing perfect in the world. For example, girls want to be pretty, so they either makeup or have a facelift. However, they will not be satisfied, since their desire of perfect is changing all the time. However, the norm of flaw and imperfect is unchangeable. As Nunes proposes in his article that people should no longer see the error as the thing we need to correct. The error is the thing of empirical measurement itself, revealing true results. Every attempt is a new result. Thus, I think it is the same in the project that the final result of the project is unforeseen, using many glitch effects, in order to leave the project for spaces. All in all, Imperfection is perfect. We should accept the flaws, in order to better know ourselves and the world comprehensively. We will try to make the project imperfectly.


Week 5 Reading Response

In Nunes’ article, he argues that error helps people to realize the means to live in the network society. it is the failure of the machine logic, either predictable deviation or unpredictable escape. Nunes proposes his thinking both in social and cultural structures in the modern network society. In my opinion, I think in computer programming, the glitch is like the bug, wrong code. The system cannot run successfully. Programmers will try their best to fix that since they need to follow the rules and principles. Also in Art, the glitch is like the art products in DADA period, which rejects the traditional definition of art, and forms the new trend. Both of those two aspects, a glitch can be denied as the rebellion, breaking the rule. Thus, the existence of glitch is the good proof of the imperfection of the machine and internet. There is nothing perfect absolutely, so we need to appreciate the bug and glitch.

In Krapp’s article, the sound is divided into two groups, the noise, and the signal. The sound mixing with other sounds exclusively is called the noise, and the form of white noise is regarded as the signal. Krupp raises several principles to define and divide those two groups of sound. It is admitted that those distinction and principles make sense. Although I agree with the point that error can be amplified or removed, I do not think we need to differentiate between the sound in different groups. As I think in Nunes’ paper, the perfection and imperfection all include in sound. Both noise and signal are sound, they are same as for me. There are no differences between themselves, all depending on the listeners’ thinking, emotion and the surrounding environment. We need to break the rules and principles. Try to do not let everything with frames and definition. Make them be simple and positive. Appreciate anything! Maybe our life will become easier and happier.






The Parrot



The Golden Gate Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge






The Starry Night in MOMA


Reading response in Week 2

In the reading,“Aesthetics of the Error: Media Art, the Machine, the Unforeseen, and the Errant”, Tim Barker gives a lot of examples in computer, music and art areas about glitch works. The glitch art also can be defined as the creation of error. People like musician, artist, and scientist use the external force, like wind and gravity, to create the unexpected and errant outputs, which are outside the traditional routine. For example, artists Scott and Castro direct the machine to run the set operation, in order to create the error. Also, the error itself emerges from the unforeseen message in interaction with technology, which also can create the artwork. Baker also points out the philosophy of the virtual is the virtual quality of an actual entity. It includes potential information in the errant system with a virtual error. In the article “The subversive use of theory”,Slavoj proposes that the real thinking is not only solving problems, but also figuring out the problem from a global perspective. People should build up the relationship among subject to subject, and self to society.
In those two articles. Baker provides more about the fact, history, examples and academic terms of the Glitch Art. However, Slavoj suggests more about his personal critical thinking. I really agree with Slavoj, and I also think there is the relationship between those two articles, which means Slavoj’s thinking can also be applied to the Glitch Art. As Slavoj says that people should see the bigger picture rather than struggle with front difficulties, artists do not stop at making art projects but set the degree of freedom in the creative systems. They break the traditional roles, love making errors and use them to create the new and unforeseen art. Similar to Slavoj proposes at last that people should work in biogenetics and other scientific development than just technological problems.