Digital Dualism and The Glitch Feminism Manifesto by Legacy Russell




DSC_0163a-smaller_670.jpgDigital Dualism and The Glitch Feminism Manifesto by Legacy Russell


One of the only lines that is bolded in this article states, “The glitch is the digital orgasm” the sentence continues to anthropomorphize the computer (machine), explaining, “…where the machine takes a sigh, a shudder, and with a jerk, spasms,”. Russell explains that these pauses are a routine and that they are not errors but rather catalysts. An accident that is similar to foreplay that essentially is teasing you.


Russell then explains the connection of Glitch to Glitch Feminism as glitch has been culturally defined as an error or malfunction. Glitch Feminism on the other hand takes the negative implications of glitch and opposes that notions. Glitch Feminism “turns the gloomy implication of glitch on its ear by acknowledging that an error in a social system that has already been disturbed by economic, racial, social, sexual, and cultural stratification and the imperialist wrecking-ball of globalization”. I understand this complicated sentence as stating that when you acknowledge that certain things that are deemed errors are just cultural and globalized creations then the negative implication of the “thing” is flipped and in itself, that acknowledgment, is a form of departure from that hegemonic system and structure.


Associating Glitch and Feminism together is the ultimate form of empowerment fighting against notions of “other” and inequalities. Russell states the Glitch Feminism is “feminism for a digital age” as it advocates for selfhood while using glitch as a tool to reject any notion of being “less than” or “abnormal”.


In my opinion, I think combining the terms Glitch and Feminism is something I never would have thought to do but through this reading makes absolute complete sense. Both represent marginalized communities or those excluded, “sub”.